Why the gig disappears frequently?


I don’t know why my gig disappears from the gig display frequently. It has 875 reviews and 98% of them is 5 stars and definitely an active gig. It usually exists in the first page of the gig display. But, sometimes it just vanishes, like nowhere- not in the 1 page, not in 2nd, not in 3rd, actually nowhere. The fiverr support keeps telling that raking may change. I couldn’t make them understand that i am not talking about ranking, i am talking about existence. Did any of you face the same problem? And how did you overcome? It will be great help if i could know.


It seems like something impossible. What did you mean by gig display, is that your profile page or my gigs page?


Have you gone on vacation mode? If you go vacation mode that can be happened. Or if you edit your gig, the gig takes 24-72 hours to come on search.



Neither it’s the profile page, nor it’s my gig page. It’s the gig display, where all the gigs of same service show up when you search by a certain keyword. For mine, the key word is “HTML Signature” and gig display is the page which show up after the search, a collection of gigs ranked by their activity.


Yes mine do that too for some reason. I’m not sure if fiverr does that deliberately or it’s a bug.


No, i haven’t for long period of time. Last time i was in vacation mode almost 7 months ago. Neither edited it recently.


Hi,u have more 900 + reviews why r u saying that.


So sad to hear that. I don’t know it’s a bug or not. Some time I find some gigs in first page they don’t have even one review. Is it an algorithm problem to fetch them correctly or Fiverr do that manually to promote them for some secret reason.


It happened.
Because online users will get first place in search.
Depending on what the buyer thinks


So please kindly tell me which sub section is that.
Relevance? Best selling? newest arrivals?

In my point of view i think you are mentioning about the ‘‘Relevance’’ page because you mentioned previously it is not about ratings. And you have 100+ reviews.

So As my experience, it has nothing to do with fiverr customer support team, because gig placement is changing time to time based on some parameters using a gig placing algorithm. Any gig can be anywhere in those relevance pages(within categories and subcategories). As I said it’s getting changed time to time.


In both best selling and relevance section, it should be somewhere. I am not asking for the first page. But, it should be somewhere, right? But, sometimes it’s nowhere.


I am always online. So, i don’t see any valid reason.


To clarify my position.


Possible you are on Vacation Mode
Someone steals and later returns back to you


What? No, i wasn’t in vacation mode for last 7 months.