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Why the gigs with delay, count immediately, but those delivered on time not?

Today I am going to share something that we notice about fiverr, and this could be useful, so this doesn’t happen to someone else, as well as to make a call of attention to fiverr, because it doesn’t seem fair.

Today that the evaluation is to be defined to assess whether a user can level up, we passed a frustrating incidentre.

We already had all the indicators in green and to the maximum, only in the case of the meter of “delivered on time”, we had a range with slight risk at 93% (need more than 90% as you know). Because we had a small delay in a delivery of a few minutes (I don’t dedicate 100% to fiverr), I was penalized, and immediately after the client marked the order as delivered and gave us a rating, our percentage was reduced to 88%. This is ok, are the rules and i understand it, but…

Despite that, i thought i could solve it, because today we also deliver another order, with a client with whom i have a good relationship, and who did the favor of immediately mark the order as delivered (same as the previous one, with perfect qualification for our work); however in this case the indicator of “delivered on time” did not move! This stayed at the same 88% level!

I don’t understand why, when a gig was delayed, it immediately affects your rating, but when a gig was delivered on time, it does not move immediately? We do not know if at some point it will move, but what seems to be a fact, is that it will not be on time today, to be able to reposition our indicator in a positive range, and therefore I will not be able to level up, it doesn’t seem fair, hopefully nobody else happen this.