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Why the good tips for sellers are disappearing

This category is getting more worthless by the minute. The reason for this is that every couple of minutes someone is whining about that he is a new seller and has no sales.

Just this afternoon I saw 3 or 4 of the same posts on top of the page. This says a lot about the person who posts something like that. They are lazy asses and will never succeed as they are even to lazy to have a look if the person who just posted the same lame stuff 10 minutes earlier received some useful advice.

It’s time that the Admins And Mods are going to take action and just delete posts like that on the spot without any discussion.

The really good tips disappear into nothingness due to this. Posts like the one from Twistedweb123 on upsells (video tutorial) (EDIT: it’s pinned now, but stil…) don’t receive the amount of readers that they deserve. And all this just because some stupid lazy bums are piling up their stupid question on top of it.

fine bout it that any thing bad on that?

This category is also not for promoting you gigs and other spam.

You are one example of what @mariokluser was talking about. You just posted spam in the “Tips for Sellers” category which resulted in the removal of your post.
Please take the time to study the forum rules and make sure to post in the right categories!

We have 3 today that all say I am new help me out. Often it looks like it is someone who has more than one account and posts the same thing from all of them.

And all 3 in a row. That proves my point.

I used to enjoy writing actual tips, things to help people be better at selling and I always made sure to respond to questions that were asked about it.
The problem is, as mario has said, these will be buried by rubbish within a couple of hours and those who could benefit from them will never see them. There isn’t any point in writing anything substantial in this category and I think this won’t change until, as someone suggested recently, new sellers are not able to post in the tips category.
The only problem with that is that they will probably start posting in tips for buyers instead. This would lead to any buyers reading to believe all sellers were incompetent morons, which would be unfortunate…

There should be any sort of IQ test when people sign up on Fiverr.

This is absolutely true and is one of the reasons for the change in forum structure. These newbies think that if the post in Tips it will be at the top and magically bring them money. We’ve got to get the “Latest” feature changed for this to have value, though.

That said, I’ve also noticed a lot of level 1-2 regular visitors using tips to post conversation starters, questions or problem reports on search, and sometimes rants with a thin “tip” title. These are people who should know better.

Thanks for posting this, it serves to let people know this activity is unwanted and gives us a way to show staff that readers are as annoyed by this as mods.

You made my day ahahaha

That’s actually not even counting the ones that were already removed. I know I moved or deleted at least 4 non-tip posts here since midnight last night (my time) and I know the other mods have done the same but I don’t know how many. I am sending your thread to staff to see if this structure change can be adjusted a little more to try to help.

We made a pitch to have the Tips for Sellers category read-only for non-leveled sellers, but since that would also include buyers who do not sell, other things are being attempted first. We will be actively looking to add to the moderator team although in a different way, and perhaps more help will also benefit the forum.

Like your attitude but you would fail the IQ test…lol. Earlier you wrote proofs, it is proves. Just having fun, good selling. Closet smarta** here.

It’s the fucking auto correction on my smartphone. I corrected it myself now. Thanks for letting me know.

You will then find buyers requests full of this.

need someone to take IQ test for me ASAP as I failed the test 80 times… Please revert with your best offer. Must be able to photoshop and have IQ over 180 to do the needful ASAP today. for 5$

Please if anything can be done please let it be done, not insulting the newbies will bring the answer, you bring a correction in a polite manner not by insulting them @mariokluser you were once a newbies no matter what level you are now.


It’s a given fact that the polite way doesn’t seem to work in this case.

I actually saw a request some months ago - take my English proficiency test for (a different online freelance site).

This is too much. I need a drink right now!

We get tired of seeing the same things in the Tips section that are not tips but begging for orders, begging for help, or copying and pasting old posts.