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Why the hell are you forcing me into graphics

I am trying to search for shit like dream interpretation and I get a 100% list of graphic arts every time. I cannot get out of graphic arts and it is really pissing me off.

When I typed “dream interpretation” in the search bar, I got 59 results in Portraits and Caricatures, 46 in Illustration, 27 in Cartoons and Caricatures, 18 in Astrology and Readings, 7 in Architecture and Floor Plans, 4 in Logo Design, 3 in Other, 3 i Data Analysis, and 3 in Whiteboard Animations.

If you’re getting similar results, I suggest clicking on Astrology and Readings, that should bring you closer to what you’re looking for. Or, instead of typing anything in the Search bar, click on Lifestyle>Astrology and Readings, and browse through the gigs there.

Also, do remember that, as you’ve been told, Fiverr is a freelancing platform, not a dream interpretation site, and that there are probably not many people on Fiverr offering what you’re looking for.


Also, while it didn’t for me in this case, sometimes searching on Fiverr disables the top category in the list of search results and if it does, to select the top category you need select another category first.

But in this case the astrology category may be the best category to select even though it’s not the top one for the search. Even though maybe it should be in psychology or some other category (neurobiology?).

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