Why the hell fiverr stops ratings editing!


What is seller fault if the buyer gave him ratings under 5 by mistake!!!

I used to get some ratings under 5 like 4.4 etc by mistake and when i contact the buyer he or she said WE ARE 100% happy and I don’t KNOW WHY THE SYSTEM GIVES YOU THIS RATING!!!


Yes that happened to me too , it seems like Fiverr cares only about their buyers!!
If there is no sellers, there won’t be any Fiverr!! because the sellers are the base of the company.
Seller aren’t slaves, they are talented and expert people who are willing to help others by offering the best quality for the best price!!


Someone elsewhere on the forum (can’t remember who now) said it was the app being crap. As indeed it (Android) is.


Oh rexfx. I had the same thing on my mind but didn’t want to say it. I know now that I’m not the only one who has this crazy problem.0


Hi Emmaki! But This happens to me too! After I got this problem I went to some gigs which I purchase. Went to my previous reviews which i gave the seller. Then BOOM! there’s no option to edit as i used to have. And I’m on fiverr destkop {My computer}


I think you can only edit you review within 3 days of your (first) review. It could be that. I’m not 100% sure on the timeframe. You can talk to Customer Support about it and they may help you, but as they’re currently revamping the review system I couldn’t say if they could help you or not. I’d imagine they would as it’s your review. But if you’re talking about old reviews, yeah, I’d just skip it.

There was a bug one time (desktop) where I clicked on the 5 stars, then it changed to 6 stars and became 1 star. No matter what I did, that was the result every time! It worked fine on everything but 5 stars (ffs fiverr). The buyer–lol–came back v. quickly to me to ask what they’d done wrong! Customer Support fixed it of course. But still…


I think i have received something from fiverr few days ago that says Buyers will not be able to edit their reviews once they publish them and this is the new Fiverr system etc etc cuz some sellers are asking buyers to edit etc etc. If this happens this would be bad. You siad that the review can be edited ob the first 3 days. this is not true cus someone did a mistake just few hours ago. Went there to change the review but he couldn’t do it


Yes, this is a very new update so my anecdote is outdated (plus it seemed to only affect me). But because this is so new, I have no experience of it.

If that has truly gone, then the step seems to be getting your buyer to jump through a bunch of hoops because of Fiverr’s mistake/bug.

Eh. We can all see the problem there. You might find this post… well, not helpful, but maybe it will be updated with useful info soon.


Well, the forum is broken. How useful. It’s the post “Buyer leaves me 5 stars but it shows a 4.3, Customer Support misunderstands” in Tips for Sellers.

This forum just gets crappier and crappier.


That is a very silly change! I see less than 5 star reviews everywhere where the buyer gives a good feedback along with it, which is clearly unintentional. Even I have experienced those, and upon asking them they told me it was a mistake and would like to correct it.

Now you have to send a ticket to support and ask them to remove it.

Support is also getting huge queues in return for these changes. 7+ hours already on a mistake order cancellation request, and I believe it took over 12 hours on a different ticket yesterday.

Usually it has been from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. It’s even the middle of the week and not a holiday weekend!

So at the very least Fiverr should double their support team if they remove basic tools from buyers and sellers that now have to be handled through the support instead.


I agree that it takes customer support more time, takes me more time, and takes the buyer more time when the app mistakenly puts 4.3 or 4.7 stars instead of 5 stars the buyer intended.

It takes days now to resolve.


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