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Why the hell sellers are doing thatt?

Today I saw a seller just posted same requirement on fiverr which I saw yesterday by a potential buyer, this made me think why they are taking the order if they’re unable to do that at first place, may be due to un availablity or inability to complete the work ?
The other thing here is due to these activities other potential sellers are not getting work from a legitimate buyers and from buyer’s side as well, they’re losing their trust on sellers and the platform as a whole.
However sellers are open to outsource the work but I usually don’t take orders if I am not ok with the timeline or budget, don’t know about others.

Maybe their response to the buyer’s request was better than everybody else’s, and they worked a small profit into their offer.

So long as the buyer gets what they paid for I can’t see it’s a problem - outsourcing (even between Fiverr sellers) is acceptable. So long as everybody stays within the ToS I can’t see a prblem.