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Why? - The Impossible to Answer Question

If there is one thing I hate worse than scabies, it’s super vague, budget, probably hard to work with people, who can’t take no for an answer.


"You do SEO" - (Actual message)

Politely I decline the invitation to go wherever this is going with:


Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to help you at the present time.

Kind Regards,


3-days, weeks, and occasionally months later, I then get:




And this is where things get tricky.

I use cookie cutter responses like automated bad buyer fly swatters. - I don’t want to have to now answer questions concerning why I don’t want to work with a buyer. Nor do I want to say; “Because things go downhill pretty fast Mr. IQ Firework, when buyers want me to re-state personally that is already stated in my gig description.” - Because then some people decide to order.

So how do you just say no in a firm but polite way which does not invite further communication?

I’m thinking this time I’m going to use: “I just don’t think we would be a good match.” Then I’ll ignore any more ???'s unless they come back after another 24-hours.


Lol well is it really imperative to reply to them? Like my grandmother always says “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything” :joy:


Oh, that message is a piece of :cake: to compare to the messages I receive. :sweat_smile:

Ignoring them is a good method.

If I reply with something sweet & polite. They still come back asking a bunch of Q’s.

If they are super persistent as in pesky. I’ll just order a leave-me-alone-spell :snake:

nah, I’m joking but I don’t waste too much :watch: time.

But then I get marked down for my response rate and it’s the only thing sill left on 100%!

I need art least one fill green bar to feel like I’m not on my way to Fiverr destitution land just yet.

You only need to respond to their first message to keep your response rate at 100%.

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Save your typing energy.

A simple ()

Out of office message.

For spammers I use :rage:

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Sent as a custom offer:
“Sorry, this is not something I do but if you want, I can train to do it from when you place this special order and will do my best to complete it.”

Delivery time 30 days
Price $9995


No matter what, if I have orders or my queue is empty - I always use the same line:

“Thanks a lot for getting in touch with me. I am not available to take your project because at this time, as I have a lot of projects that need my attention, and there is no available place in my queue.”

Usually, I get this reply “When u available sir?” To which I either don’t reply or just say “I would contact you first thing as I get an opening in my queue. Thanks for the patience”.

That’s the thing. I’m talking about replies to the messages I’ve already sent which come in 3-days or more later. I have to reply to those…

And there we have it. TRS secrets revealed finally.

Sadly, I doubt a confused person trying to inquire about a $15 service would become anything but more confused if I did this.

Perfect. I’m using this. Thank you. Also, if there is any chance you could move in and be my Mr. Nice Guy freelance PA, this would be incredible.:slightly_smiling_face: