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Why the LONG wait to collect revenue?


Maybe this has been addresses somewhere else in the forum, send me a link and I’ll gladly read up on it, but, why does it take 2-3 weeks to receive my earned revenue? If the client is paying electronically, I can understand maybe a couple of days to process and deliver but WEEKS? C’mon, man. I produce and deliver the purchased product, client gets it immediately and I’m left waiting to get paid for what I feel is a unnecessarily long amount of time. Why is it this long?


You’ve been on this site since Jan 16’, don’t know whether you just started selling, but the 14 days clearance period is part of Fiverr’s Terms Of Service for doing any business here.

Now why is it 14 days? You can email the CEO and ask him.

My personal opinion is that it is buffer in regards to any potential issues that may occur on an order.

Do I still need to link you the literature?


I guess the fact that there is a 14 day period in fiverr’s order cancellation policy might not be complete happenstance.

Completed orders may be cancelled, upon review of our Customer Support team, up to 14 days after the order is marked as complete.



FYI, TRS only take 7 days to clearance.

I still wish they can clear faster for e.g. 3 days or INSTANTLY. :smiley:

Regarding to the possible fraud account, I think they can try charge a small fee like 1USD to verify all account after sign up before let buyer buying gig on fiverr.


Oh! you thought your woes ended after the 14 day period? you can face a chargeback 6 months after withdrawal, after you’ve paid taxes on it. Welcome to the grind.


This topic has been discussed here several times in the past, but am I the only who thinks 2 weeks is not that bad? True, I am TRS right now and I get my payment in a week, but even before that I never saw it as a problem.
I guess it’s because for my other job ( and my main job), I get paid once a month. That’s like…4 weeks!!! 2 weeks is half of that, it feels very short to me :slight_smile:


I think it is the AMOUNT held for withdrawal, that may seem to hit most nerves.

Let me explain, regular earning paychecks are distributed monthly, if not bi-weekly. Now those paychecks are HUGE compared to freelance earnings. So it is understandable for e.g If for my normal paycheck of $4,500 I have to wait a month. Because that would take care of me upto the next 30 days for sure.
BUT, if I am earning $300 per month and i have to wait 14 days for $150 or less, it does get a bit challenging.

Most people here are waiting 14 days for a $5 clearance, so they get upset by that and think, its only $5 why do I have to wait 14 days for it.

So I think its the amount more than the time that people mostly itch about here.


OK, got it. VERY clear.

…and that is exactly why Fiverr is a little extra thing I do on the side…


It is another way that fiverr makes their money. 14 days extra in their bank account n all the sales makes a big difference to their cash balances.


The collection of replies here sorts it all out. The biggest takeaway is becoming a Top Rated Seller cuts that wait time in half, correct? That tells me it doesn’t HAVE to be 2 weeks for any real buyer/seller reason, making @homeestates statement about Fiverr’s cash balance more likely. Ex: TRS guy is consistently generating $$$$, Fiverr feels they can count on that to continue, so TRS Guy can get his pay quicker. Non-TRS Guy may be new or isn’t bringing it in as consistently or as often so, to be safe, 2 week wait.