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Why the low-ball budgets?


Earlier today, I saw a buyers request for a 700 word voice over having a budget of $5! And another for an entire whiteboard video again for only $5. I don’t understand why everyone thinks a VO gig isn’t worth more than that! The time and work involved is worth way more than that! How can anyone hope to make decent money here when everyone wants to pay $5 for everything?! Please tell me if I’m missing something here? I love the idea of freelancing and the new “gig economy”, but I don’t know how you can make any real money on these low-ball job offers. Can any other VO artists chime in and set me straight if I am indeed missing something?

Thanks for reading my rant. :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lots of new sellers do work for $5 which is worth much more just to get reviews.

Others are in countries where $5 is a lot of money.

There are many reasons why sellers agree to such a low offer. Some may want to get more experience in the field they are entering.


You also get more sales, the less expensive your service is! So a $30 gig may sell 10 times, and a $5 gig may sell 100 times. Many can afford $5, but not more.

But I recall there is a new feature, or at least coming soon, that is much like premium gigs that receive some sort of special treatment, and they are super expensive!


You’re :100:% correct!

The sad thing about it all is many VO artists eagerly accept these jobs, working for :peanuts: . :smirk:
I look at the offers sent and just smh in disgust. Whatever floats their :sailboat:, I guess!

There was an offer for a 10,000 script (audiobook), the buyer budget was a measly $20. :roll_eyes:


Agreed, but doing 100 $5 gigs will take a lot more work than the 10 $30 gigs. People are asking for big jobs for $5 and not interested in adding extras. THey want the extras for $5 too.


There was a guy on here offering 5 articles for $5. Screemin’ deal. Unfortunately, he had the grammar of preschooler.


[quote=“scottwaltonvo, post:1, topic:198378, full:true”]How can anyone hope to make decent money here when everyone wants to pay $5 for everything?! Please tell me if I’m missing something here?

Looking in the voice-over section, there are much more expensive gigs that have sold a lot, e.g. one with a thousand reviews that is 25 words for $5. People with bigger budgets will go there and go for an established seller. People without any reviews will have to charge less to compete and hope for some sales. Undercutting the established players is a standard market practice. When success arrives, then they can raise their prices.

I started in September, and so far the only sales I’ve got were from a Fiverr translator who translates into English for $5 per 400 words, they needed proofreading of text by a native English speaker. Currently I charge $5 for 7,000 words of proofreading, a much lower rate than established sellers. As a new seller, if I was charging more money I might not have got those sales at all. The translator received $20 for a 2,000-word translation, then I proofed it for $5. Clearly I need to charge a lot less than the translator otherwise it makes no sense for them to buy from me, especially after taxes. It’s a free market and I get what I can.