Why the mixed signals Fiverr?


I just went to purchase a Likes gig from someone I use now and then. - Please don’t post that I shouldn’t use Likes gigs. It’s my choice and a little boost on a new page now and then never hurts and actually does help me get organic traffic. -

Moving on. So I went to buy the gig and it was gone. A new one was in place from the same seller but he said Fiverr removed his gig after a year because it was a Likes gig. So the seller lost thousands of ratings.

Here’s my point.

Do you not think it’s kind of strange that Fiverr, now and then goes on a blitz and removes all kinds of social gigs. Why would it be strange?

  • Because they have an Online Marketing/Fan pages category right in the navigation!!! * LMAO!

    How can they delete likes gigs yet have a dedicated part of their site dedicated to the same gigs? Sounds like hypocrisy. Anyone else notice this glaring flaw?


I think everyone mis read my post. Or doesn’t understand it.

Every social marketing gig can be seen to violate the TOS.

Even legit ones that actually do what they say and don’t use Bots.

So. If they are cracking down on the gigs as @kjblynx says than why do they have a Social Marketing category? And even more blatant, a Fan Page category.

You can’t expect people ‘not’ to make fan page gigs when there is a dedicated category for it.

On one hand they say no fan page/likes gigs. Yet they have a Fan Page category built right into the website.


If it violates TOS, it gets removed.


Reply to @merileep: Social Marketing doesn’t mean “Fake Likes” category. It means people will “promote” your product, link, etc via social websites, which is allowed.

Fake likes and followers violate Facebook & Twitter because they make money from advertising. Businesses pay them to market their pages in order to increases their fan base. When others offer fans for a profit, it’s taking money out of the social sites’ pocket. Fiverr TOS is to not violate another company’s TOS. There are a lot of “fake likes & followers” gigs on Fiverr, so they may not catch them all due to the lack of man power to monitor over 2 million gigs, unless someone reports them manually.