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Why the online freelance essentials free course recommend AIDA model?

Started a few days back here, and I wanted to know as much as I can about this platform and this free course (that I haven’t finished yet) seemed a perfect first approach. I am actually enjoying it but why AIDA model?
It is an old dated model (20s) and made for personal selling, not online. I don’t understand why Fiverr recommends that perspective when there are better and more modern models.


@pramebeats I used this style in my video presentations, only that I extended for 1 min.YES, it had an impact, I still use this style when I do a video presentation.
I have this on my profile page because I think I was among the first 5 years ago.
"Our presentation style has been taken over by hundreds of sellers. AIDA.


Most models are just renamed and adjusted to new technologies, but the model is the same. They are reinventing the wheel, they put rims, bling blings, call them different names, but it’s just a wheel that keeps turning :slight_smile: And that’s a good thing. If it’s not broken, why fix it?

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Yes, I think that it is not a bad approach for the video presentation, but not the best way of undestand the other perspective

I mean, I don’t think it is bad, but can misguide for sure. And as I said in 100 years things changed pretty hard.

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I just went there to check the courses and this course " Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller" opens only in 360P quality. I would not even call it quality. The video is distorted and pixellated, I can not able to watch this. Is this like this because it is free or are the others same? This is not even worth watching like this.

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I have just checked it and it’s actually 360p max.

The courses I have purchased are all 1080p.

It is likely that “Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller” course video quality discourage people from watching it…

Checked again and now it is 720p. :thinking: A few more moments and I get it full HD…

So if I continue to watch, the video quality will improve? Maybe it is a hidden subliminal message there.

Try it yourself. There is definitely potential to improve. :grinning:

Yes. fiBer is just great in providing this free course :smiley:

Guess none of the proofreading people on the Fiverr watched this course.


I have a little question, does taking those courses gives you more exposure for your profile on the platform, especially gig ranking?

Honestly, I just want to learn things. New things and all the time.

Gig ranking is not so important to me. Some day it is up, other day it is down…

My knowledge and skills are the things I can get, I can control and I can make use of it. And moreover independent on Fiverr platform.

Back to your question, I have no idea and I do not care.

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Where are you located? In the EU most streaming services are only streaming in SD at the moment in case the Internet breaks and the world descends into chaos. Possibly, Fiverr is part of this effort.


You just gave me one more thing to think about. :grimacing:

It is Czech republic located in so called EU at the moment.

Chaos is something I would like to see and would probably enjoy it.:slight_smile:

Sadly, you will probably come to regret saying that sooner rather than later. :roll_eyes:


That’s embarrassing! How could the subtitler not know the site’s name is Feverr?


There is nothing easier than contacting Fiverr to review and correct the captions. That’s what I have just done.

Did you also tell them to upgrade on “shot with potato” quality video?