Why the sudden change?


I started with Fiverr in May 2014. It took off quite well and grew to the point that I quit my part time job the end of August. It continued to grow and do well until last November and December when my gigs dropped to one third of what they were in October. Even lower than my first month. I have been trying to figure out why with no success. I have a 99% rating and get great feed back from my customers so I don’t know what the deal is. Does this type of thing normally happen? Can anyone give me some advice or is there just too many of us sellers and not enough buyers? See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/comment/202717#Comment_202717


Based on your message above, I think you figured it out. As time goes on, the more competition. Not sure if you searched Fiverr for your field of expertise, but voice over has to be one the more saturated fields on Fiverr. Not too long ago it was hard to find a good voice over artists, but now there seems to be tons of them. When a gig becomes popular, you will see more and more new gigs emulating the gig.

Have you done any SEO work on your gig? May I ask what is a popular keyword for buyers to use to search for your gig? I bet it is voice over or voiceover

When you search on your keyword, is your gig in the top 10?