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Why the they think new sellers are Scam?

i have a fiverr account since 2015, and still a New Seller Dude.:confused:


If you have no reviews/sales, you’ll remain a new seller until you make your first sale. Your profile looks like a newcomer’s, no reviews, most likely no sales either.


A lot of people are aware that new sellers are not scammers.
I’m sure you have read plenty of stories here at the forum about new sellers getting their first order within days of setting up their gigs. I know a good number of great buyers here who buys gigs from new sellers all the time.

The new sellers that got orders right away did their research, they spent a LONG time setting up their gigs and made sure everything looked professional and perfect, etc etc.

Can you say the same thing for your gig? I checked one of your gig descriptions, for whatever reason you are using capitol letters randomly in the middle of the description. That itself is enough for most buyers to avoid you, plus another gig says “100% rating” with an image of 5 stars, but you haven’t received any ratings yet. Again, another reason for buyers to avoid you.


Thanks for consoling,i removed my drawbacks.