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Why there are Different rankings of fiverr on app and website for same gig?

I’ve recently discovered that fiverr have different ranking for same gig on website and app why is that? is that a bug or problem? will it affect our sales?
and also they only certain amount gig’s when we search on app not all why?
it’s causing my gig not ranking in app but ranking in website only?
what can we do about this?

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This is probably an issue of the app lagging behind the site in updates but that’s just a guess


ok thank you still need to know more about this

Or is it the site that’s lagging behind the mobile app? - jaDen SMitH

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app only shows limited gigs in search while site shows more

did you try to contact fiverr support, they may be able to solve it out

it would be the site that is more accurate

As far i know about 1 months back fiverr website displays the result of “Avg Customer review” filter while the mobile app displays the result of “Relevance” filter. but now both the website and mobile app results are same.

Hope this might help.

~ Hammad

just keep checking on updates on the app and the website too. fiver does updates on the app quite frequently

The ranking format is different between the two.

One used to rank by average rating and the other by recommended. Does that still happen?

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