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Why there are no Orders?

I have 5 gigs and There are Views , Clicks , Impressions but there are no Orders even for 1$ , I do not understand why ?
My gigs are :

I personally would not order with a Seller who offered unlimited revisions on any Gig… but that’s just me.

Buyers cannot place orders for $1. The minimum is $5.

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I edited it like you said to me

Thank you !

I added unlimited revisions to attract more people and to compete with other gigs

Unlimited revisions are not as attractive as many Sellers realize. Think about it: which Buyer wants to be asking for revision after revision, ad infinitum, until the Seller gets it right?

Always strive to get it right the first time.


Some seller are saying they are not getting orders i am also not getting order but when i look on first page of fiverr there are many sellers have lot of orders in a queue then why we are not getting orders at least we should get one order daily.

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