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Why there are only sellers listed at the buyer requests?

When i go to buyer requests. I saw only sellers listed there. That’s awful.
Why Fiverr don’t moderate all these requests.


It´s not a bug, it´s ignorants sellers who post there.


I am too getting out of my control seeing such stupid guys with their irrelevant posts on the BR section. It’s high time, Fiverr should take proper steps to stop those post. Really awful and disgusting!


I’m positive Fiverr is working on a solution :slight_smile:


They think other sellers want to hire their same services.
Resellers perhaps lol

Sellers can post on the buyer requests coz a seller can also be a buyer, which is good (I mean it´s good that a seller can also be a buyer. Unfortunately some sellers post there to advertise their services, not to buy something). But looks like, that what makes this problem hasn´t got the solution (Edited: Just from my point of view, not necessarily a fact).

NB: Right now the situation still depends on the sellers consciousness not to post their services on buyer requests. Some people are ignorants.

Your post was moved to Conversations. This is not a :bug:!


i wish these new sellers just stop its too frustrating going to buyer’s request section and seeing "please hire me ","i work very hard ", etc . sometimes only sellers’ request are there . i wish these people have patience to create an account using a laptop and read the forum or the academy and then at last download the app to have an instant access to their buyers. and moreover these people get offers also i don’t know who offers them .yup i agree its a nuisance now a days .

Some people don´t care about reading rules :expressionless:


i wish they did .:expressionless:

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