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Why there are so many potholes for sellers in fiverr?

So here is a frustrated seller who works in fiverr and want to share his story.

1st Pothole
I am a level 2 seller. And I started getting many orders in the last month. And because of that I used to deliver all the orders in time since I didn’t want to change this situation of so many orders. I was enjoying the ride. And everything was under control .

Then here comes the 1st pothole.
In my gig it’s clearly written please contact me before ordering my gig. And if the artwork is complex then it will cost you more than 10$.
I have written it thrice in my gig." Please contact"
Still the buyer don’t read the description. They just order it. And when I ask for more they straight away say that please cancel the order. I cannot afford.

The buyer cannot afford is fine with me. But why canceling the order affects seller’s ratings ?
Because of this one pothole by fiverr. The actual service price would be 50$ but just to avoid cancellation and getting affected in the rankings I have worked for many orders for 10$.
This drives me crazy. Why can’t fiverr just protect the seller too ??
We work so hard and there is so less control in our hand.

2nd pothole.
If the project is delivered within 24hrs.
Buyer is in vacation.And he comes after 2 days and clicks on request revision without reading the previous messages. The order is marked as late delivery.
Sometimes the buyer just want to talk to the seller and the buyer clicks on request revision and says " I am back from the vacation"
And because of this such silly reasons the order is marked as late delivery. .

And last month I used to get 12-18 orders in queue and this month because of these potholes I am hardly getting any messages from new buyers.

How other sellers are dealing with this ? Please guide. Thank you.


Hi Shaileshputhran,

Thanks for sharing these drawbacks so clearly and sorry I don’t have a reply for you, but I agree with your concerns.

Though it is important to make sure buyers experience is good and they don’t suffer because of bad sellers.
But it should be true the other way round too.
A good seller should not be misused by a dubious seller.
I am relatively new here, but have had a couple of sellers who

  1. Ordered something, I wasted hours completing their work and then they are not contactable anymore
  2. Had a custom order, which I delivered and a few days later they were ranting that they don’t ‘want to be very choosy’, but they don’t like the audios I shared (I am a VO artist) and when I asked them the reason, I realised it is because they are not sure what they wanted and would just prefer if I keep sending them samples in different tones/voices and in the end they would know what they prefer. I can oblige sharing custom samples with variety, to a certain extent, which I did, but it has to stop somewhere and I am still afraid to tell the seller that ‘you first need to make up your mind and then ask me to provide you samples in that durection’. I am afraid to tell them this, because I am afraid they will leave a bad review or mess up the order :roll_eyes:

Sorry for the long rant…


That second pothole you mentioned about the order being marked “late” isn’t really a pothole. I don’t know why they mark that late but your order is not really considered late, even though the sign says “late”.

Buyers do take advantage by knowing lots of sellers won’t cancel an order. They know they can get away with paying less than they should this way.


In the analytics tab the On-time delivery reduces by 1-2%.
And to maintain level 2 I have to maintain it above 90%.
And because of this pothole the gig ranks reduces and it’s not shown in the top search results.

There should be an option for the buyer to decide whether the order is late delivered or not.
Because buyer has no problem. And when buyer clicks on request revision, fiverr marks the order as late.

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yes buyers take advantage since so many years… and who is suffering ?
The sellers!!! who work so hard to provide a great experience to genuine buyers.
Fiverr is taking commission out of our orders. So there should be some protection to sellers too right ? :frowning:


I believe they changed this just last month. Earlier I had revisions that we were doing for few days and that did not affect my “on time delivery” rating. But this month (March and April) I delivered almost every of my orders on time and still I am barely on 90%. So I believe they changed that, if your revision is done after the initial delivery time they mark it as late.

I doubt they changed it that way. What might be happening in your case is your ratio of cancellations is going down if you have fewer orders. I cannot imagine that simply getting a revision request would trigger the order to be late.


I believe from the beginning they wanted us to count in the revisions in delivery time. If you recall they have that message somewhere, something like - “Make sure you deliver earlier so if buyer asks for revision you have enough time to do it.” That means if you do the revision after the planned delivery time you will be late.

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But buyers reply after 1-2 days…So in that case whose mistake is this ?
And who is suffering ?

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One thing I learned here is that no buyer can make mistake, trust me on this one.
One time, buyer ordered 3 orders by mistake, and he filled the requirements only for 1. So 2 orders remained incomplete. I contacted fiverr support to remove them and they said you should go through resolution center and cancel them, I asked will that affect my order completion rate and they said yes. So to remove orders that were made by buyers mistake I have to suffer.

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Gotta find ways to work within the system we live. If you’re creative, you’ll figure out useful solutions that work especially for you. Think about how you can solve this so that it’s less of a recurring issue in the future.


The answer is simple: Fiverr doesn’t want sellers cancelling orders. They clearly seek to promote the completion of orders, and encourage buyers and sellers to work out this issues, instead of immediately jumping to the cancellation option.

The late delivery message does not mean anything significant after an order is delivered on time the first time.

You do not have to cancel orders, and late delivery messages after on-time delivery won’t hurt you. Please don’t blame Fiverr for things you have control over. If your buyers are making purchases, and expecting more work than you list in your gig packages, then, clearly, you need to improve and better clarify your service.

And, for the record, buyers do not have to contact you before placing an order. Fiverr is set up as a retail services format – buyers should have everything they need clearly listed on your gig page. It should be clear information, and not leave anything to confusion. Buyers do not need to contact you to discuss their needs before placing an order, unless THEY need a custom offer.


I totally agree. I shared this concern with customer service a few weeks ago. I think all of us should!

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That doesn’t matter. Some buyers don’t read your gig, some will order right away.

I have this on my gig:

“P.S. If your brand is about a complicated technology, software, logistics, or some other subject understood by a very narrow audience, please message me first.

I still get orders, although I admit the number of complicated order has decreased.

I also have this:

" Please note I do not guarantee satisfaction, this is a subjective gig. I will not give you a refund just because you didn’t like my work. I refuse to work for free."

I still get refund requests, although I’ve gotten better at denying them and my Order Completion Rate has climbed up.

My advice to you is to raise your bottom price by $10, and every other package by $10. That way if you get a bad order, you can still do it.

Remember that under the level system, Fiverr is no longer about making the most money as possible but meeting or exceeding the minimum thresholds. In Fiverr’s land, a seller with 95% OCR who earns $100 a month is better than 89% OCR with $5,000 a month.


I can see how too many cancellations are a huge problem for fiverr. I can see how the only solution is to hold all sellers accountable for all cancellations. Of course it’s unfair to sellers to get penalized for ones they have no control over, but in the big picture for fiverr overall this is probably working out well for them.


Thanks for the advice on increasing the likelihood of buyers following instructions!

In sales, a lot of people say that people will invest more time, thought and energy in a program they’ve purchased if it’s more expensive, so that’s yet another way raising prices can weed out problematic buyers.


You get more serious appreciative buyers and almost no goofballs.


Totally! Raising my prices really eliminated a lot of rude, unethical, ignorant buyers. It’s also cut down on the ridiculous inquiries, so it’s not only making me more money per order, but it’s saving me time.


I still get ridiculous inquiries all the time but that probably goes with my territory.

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A very important post! I faced the same issue and sometime forced to do a $40 job for $10 just to avoid cancellation of the order, because the 90% maintenance rate is a must.

But the 2nd one doesn’t count as ‘late’. I asked this to the Fiverr Customer Support, they mentioned only the first delivery counts.