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Why there are very few buyer request showing to me


Hy! I am a new user on fiverr. I need Forum help to promote my gig to get my first order. Because nowadays very few buyer request are showing I don"t know why its happening.But the only way now is to get order through gigs.I need help to make it happen please take a look on my profile and kindly let me know what are the main errors i have to remove from my gigs


If you aren’t seeing many Buyer Requests for your gig categories, perhaps there just aren’t many buyers looking for your type of services. If you seek more buyers, why not get out into the world and promote your gigs to those who ARE looking for what you offer here on Fiverr?

Please take action; be a doer. Sitting back and waiting for sales, while doing nothing to earn them isn’t an effective business strategy.


Hi Masterzweb, Try to increase number of gigs make new services in same field you offer. this will also increase your buyer requests


thanks a lot i will work on it


ok sir thanks really helpfull


I am experiencing the same. My gig catagory is a need of everyone in today’s era.But still I am not able to get more buyers request.


Also make sure to use less the word “sir” . it is annoying :stuck_out_tongue:


You should have to select more categories for your gigs.
That will help you for more buyer requests