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Why there is 10 offer per day limit for new seller?


I want to know why there is limit of 10 offers per day on fiverr. I think at least there should be 30 offer limit for new seller as it is difficult for new seller to get new customers as people do not trust them.


It’s not a limit for new sellers. It’s the same for everyone.

Choose wisely what you apply to. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe you won’t find 30 buyer post everyday for sending your offer. Check clearly all of buyer request. I don’t find suitable 10 (WordPress related) buyer post everyday for sending my offer.


Well i have seen more than 25 buyers request posted on it. They were different jobs and all were for wordpress. I was online all day through mobile and they came in different hours of the day. Now thats why i was asking why this is the limit?

What my prospective is that if there are more offers per day then there is greater chance for new sellers to apply for more jobs.


The limits is there because of all the sellers who apply to everything, whether they can do the job or not. The limit reduces the spam that the buyers receive.


Not very Satisfactory answer but i undrstand that. I think everyone should only apply to things that they can do


What answer would you prefer? :wink:

Obviously, sellers should only apply for requests they can do, but there’s nothing to stop them applying for anything they want as long as they’ve got a gig in a similar category.


I agree, but even with the limit of 10 offers, buyers receive 30-40 offers from people who can’t do the job, haven’t even read what the job is about, or both.

It’s the bad apples ruining it for us all, I’m afraid.


I agree except that the 10 offer limit will limit how many can be applied for per day. I don’t think I’ve sent 10 per day yet, but maybe Fiverr could increase it a bit. Maybe up to 12 or 14 offers per day per user. As long as the user is able to deliver the orders for the offers sent (and most of the time not all the offers will be accepted) within the timeframe in the offers.


Ms. Cat is correct.

When I use BR, 9 out of 10 bids are garbage. Only like 4, if I’m lucky, is somewhat coherent. If you take time to research and write a proper bid, you WILL win every single time - - - because everyone else is terrible.

It should take you no less than 15 to 20 minutes to write a good proposal with 5 minutes of research; unless you’re using canned response. BTW, I smell canned responses from 1000 miles away.

10 good bids should take you 2.5 to 3.5 hours a day. I don’t know about you, but if I were a serious seller, I’d spend time doing 2 or 3 good bids a day (at most) - because that would have taken me about an hour of my time.


I believe that is fair.10 is good enough for everyone


My point here is that sometimes like between week days some days there are more than 10 jobs available but as you have already used up your 10 then you are miss the rest of them, the problem also is that not every buyer replies to your offer and out 10 there is only 1 or 2 that reply so i think there should be minimum 20 offer per day


Did you read what I wrote.

10 good bids will take you 3 hours to write.
20 good bids will take you 7 hours to write.

You want to spend 7 hours a day writing BR bids?

You’re not one of those sellers using canned responses are you?


I have very good typing speed and i don’t copy paste things as i am also a writer as well


I want to know whether the number of request increase as the level is increased or not?



Everyone gets 10 from level 0 to TRS, even Pros.


That’s not good at all


I think 10 is too many.

It should 3 or 5 a day.

90% are just spamming with, “I can do this for you.” They didn’t even read requirement.


I read the requirements very carefully and have never applied to anything that i can’t do. I am new to fiverr but not to this website designing. I have 5 years of experience in making professional websites and so i think 10 are very less


You shouldn’t need to spend 3 hours writing 10 bits. You should be able to say what you will do in the offer and the gig preview video/gig details and by looking at past deliveries will also let the buyer know how capable you are of doing that particular job.

So I think at around 14-15 offers should be available. Maybe more (not sure). Especially when you have gigs in multiple categories and many buyer requests (maybe hundreds) to look through.