Why There is a Fall In My Gigs Impressions & Views?


Hello Everyone,
It was a time when I used to get lots of views & impressions & orders on my gigs but since creating some kind of unique backlinks to my fiverr gigs from high PA & DA sites organically, My gigs views were decreased time by time. Here is a screenshot you can take a look it at to know how there is a fall in the last 7 days.

Let me know if I have done these wrong:

  1. I started building backlinks to my gigs & profile from other sites.

  2. I created more than 2 gigs for the same service.

  3. I updated my gigs after I got many orders.

Please also let me know how can I grow my gigs sales.

Thanks in advance.
My Fiverr Profile in case you investigate it.

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Stop spamming the forum with your blog links.
I had told this to you before, but you don’t seems to care… :neutral_face:


Hello Taverr,
Does linking to an image in any site improve its seo or authority? Am I spamming here?
I’m a real seller here. I don’t want to spam nor I have any interest in spamming.
There is no other option to embed images here.isn’t it?
So How would I be able to prove that I’m facing the problem without embeding images?


[details=Post minimized][quote=“yasar_ali, post:3, topic:106189”]
Does linking to an image in any site improve its seo or authority? Am I spamming here?

For 1st question : Yes (Fiverr domain has a high DA and PA.)
For 2nd question : Yes as well… (Atleast technically)

But you do have in link building.

Click the small drive icon with an upward pointing arrow in the edit box and you can embed an image in the forum. You could have used any image host as well, uploading an image in a WP site is not quicker than these, atleast.

You can remove the link and upload the image in the forum itself and I will conclude that you did it without knowing. :slight_smile:[/details]


I did it. Now, please help me resolve the issue.


@yasar_ali. If I had more expertise in this area I would offer suggestions, but I don’t. My own impressions go up and down all the time. Perhaps someone else can offer more helpful advice. Good luck!


For the last week my gig impressions also went down. Starting from Monday. Also I did not receive orders as usual. Do not know why?


same here its also happens to me


@yasar_ali as you had modified your OP so, now we are good to go.

This might be a reason for the decline in your GiG Impressions and Views. But here are a few more possible practical reasons for this -

  1. When your gigs were new, they were shown in the “Newest Arrivals” sections, so that could be a reason for the increased impressions and views at first.
  2. Fiverr rotates the GiGs on intervals so, your GiG could have lost it’s ranking position and could have been moved down the list.
  3. Don’t conclude the Weekly stats much, they goes up and down quite frequently. Concentrate on the Monthly stats. :slight_smile:


Has anyone else’s sales dropped dramatically since January?
I had 40 orders in queue at one point, now I have 12


Dear Psy:

In my humble opinion, you are a special case, because you were the subject of an outrageous situation that went viral.

I would imagine that the publicity garnered a lot of attention that has died down since you had a happy ending.

Do some more stuff that goes viral and your sales will pick right back up.

Good luck,


Same problem for me. My recent gig achieved more than 1k views last 3 days. But there is no views increasing for two days.
How can I resolve it?


Use Buyer Requests and you’ll start getting more orders!


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