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Why there is #LATE

My buyer ordered a 1-day delivery. I finished it within 24 hours. After two days buyer came and gave me a revision. But the order is marked in big red letters …LATE! Why it is late. I deliver the work on time. What should I do now Please help me guy’s


It’s late because you should have delivered the revision before the timer went out. When they ask for revisions, the gig automatically starts ticking again. I know, I know, it sucks, but that’s just the way it is. That’s why you should always leave time for revisions on your gig. In my experience, if you deliver the revision super fast it won’t register as a late order (at least it hasn’t hurt my stats when I’ve done that) but if you wait for too long it will.

My advice is to ask the client for more time via the resolution center if you need more time to deliver the revision; the fact is, the buyer wasn’t happy with the first delivery, and the order isn’t “finally delivered” until the buyer accepts the delivery. So in the end, the buyer didn’t get what they wanted within 24 hours, and that means the order is late.

You can ask for more time and explain to the buyer why you need extra time (something like “Hey! Thanks for letting me know about the issue. I’ll get right on it. However, I kindly ask for some more time to complete the needed changes for you. Please accept this request for a delivery date extension, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!”


@smashradio thanks for a very professional advice, certainly every seller might need it sometime in their career.

Thanks But when the buyer give me a revision there is no timer given. It is marked late. I get revisions on another gig but there i have time :unamused: :unamused:. but why it is late now.

If you ask for more time via the resolution center it will go from late to whatever time was asked for and accepted.

You should always deliver early to have time enough for revisions.

When a buyer requests a revision, it will show that the order is late, but it’s actually not! The order will only be marked late if you don’t submit the original delivery before the deadline. As long as you have submitted the original delivery on time, the revision won’t affect your stats.

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Wait, whaaat?

A “real” late delivery considers only the initial delivery time, not the delivery time for any revision requests. If a revision is requested, the timer does indeed continue to run down to zero, but it is not really a late delivery if the original delivery was submitted before the deadline.

The bold red LATE text honestly should be changed to not pop up if in regards to revisions. There’ve been so many posts on the forum of people who’ve freaked out from seeing it over revisions when they are actually fine.


Then they have changed it. I was once #LATE on a revision (about 4 months ago) and the revision was delivered about 24 hours after the revision request was made. That order messed up my “on time” stats.

great experience. thanks for sharing.

Hmm, did you request an extra for that order as well? There is a known bug that if an extra is accepted for a delivered order but is in revision, if not enough days are added to the delivery time, it erroneously is considered a real late order.

No that was what I didn’t do. I didn’t notice it was late and in revision until it was too late, and that gave my stats a hit. So unless they have changed it lately, or something just went “horribly” wrong with the order in my case, I think you can still get a late order if you don’t deliver the revised work soon enough.

I know about that bug. Still isn’t fixed? I heard about that almost a year ago (I think)

I think I remember reading an instance of the bug one or two months back, so I guess it’s still not fixed.

As for your particular case, I’m pretty darn sure that revisions are irrelevant in regards to lateness. I cannot even remember the last time I saw that bold red LATE text, so I’m not the best to talk out of personal experience, but I’ve read of orders that have stayed in revision for MONTHS, eventually closed after a seemingly unending ping pong match between buyer and seller, and the order still not being considered late.

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Probably it wouldn’t be considered late then, because it was cancelled in the end. An order will not affect your stats until it’s completed or cancelled, I think. But I won’t say for sure. You might be right, too. I’ve seen the red font two times in the past couple of years, because I always try to deliver as soon as possible, instead of checking the timer and go “nah, I can do that tomorrow, I’ve got time”. It makes my buyers happy and it makes Fiverr happy, and it makes me very happy if I get a revision request.

By the way, one off-topic note: I love your gig video. I used to work in radio, and my old boss used to say the same about faces made for radio (not that I’m saying you have a radio face, but I certainly do! Lol. )

Thank you kindly!

The funny thing is that I am well aware I have an unconventional face that would “work for radio” as the old joke goes, but I still offer video spokesperson services but intentionally “niche” myself as an unconventional/weird/humorous spokesperson. :sweat_smile:

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Really ? Since when ? I am pretty sure that this is not the case

It’s not late and it won’t affect you in any way if you delivered in time . That ’ Late ’ part when someone requests revisions doesn’t count , it’s been like that for many years now .

As the earlier posts mentioned the only solution for #LATE is to immediately select resolution center and select extend time, select as many days you need to make the revision keeping in mind the buyer may ask for another revision again. send buyer the request to give you extended days to complete your deliver within due date. from my experience sometimes when a buyer hesitates from responding to extended delivery time you should try telling them it is for no extra charges and you’ll deliver quickly but the delivery time extension is only to stop this order from being marked as a late delivery… you can definitely use better words than what I said. I think fiverr should do something about the #late for such revisions which were delivered in time but due to excessive revisions the time went beyond due date. The reason is time difference and availability of both sides.

He was asking about something else…

Look, I know he was asking WHY IS IT MARKED LATE but if you read the comments above they’ve very clearly discussed the reason. I was going above it all and trying to empathize with him by sharing a solution about what to do if an order was late. Look above posts by fellow fiverr community they all very elaborately explained why it was late.

He said that he delivered the order , if he delivered the order in time by actually pressing the delivery button nothing wrong will happen. If a buyer requests a revision after some time , above will always appear ’ LATE ’ however that doesn’t affect your account in any way. It’s been discussed in other threads as well .

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