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Why there is no "Accept Order" option?


Hi, I hope you all are doing good.I wanted to talk about a very serious problem on this great platform, the issue is why there is no “ACCEPT ORDER” option.Like anyone can come to your profile and order the gig.Without even discussing the scope of the order.
So eventually we have to cancel that order, which affects our order completion rate, and I am sure many users lose their “current level” because of order cancellation.

My request to the whole Fiverr community is, please talk about this issue, and ask Fiverr to introduce the “ACCEPT ORDER FEATURE”.I don’t think this is something, which Fiverr can’t make obviously.

If we all talk about this, then fiverr will eventually introduce this feature. So please talk about it.


I doubt they will to be honest.

The whole point is that buyers should read your gig description and immediately press the ‘order me’ button.

Do you need to ask permission from the supermarket manager to buy a tin of baked beans?

Oh sorry - I shouldn’t have answered you. :wink:


Sorry, I take my words back. :wink: But this isn’t about our levels.We all should talk about it.

No, I don’t need his permission.But I don’t think supermarket manager, have to keep any order completion rate,to keep selling a tin of baked beans.:grinning:


I agree with you on this, but we do have to work within Fiverr’s framework, which is a ‘buy now’ thing, not discuss now, maybe buy later.


Um, no way jose!

From a buying POV.

It would turn me off from buying from a marketplace. :one: If I have to sit around and wait for a Seller to accept my order. :two: It’s a waste of time a good way for me to spend my :money_with_wings: elsewhere.


If you search the forum, you’ll see that the topic was already discussed many times before, and the answer is always the same: not going to happen.

The concept of Fiverr is Browse-Buy-Done, not Browse-Order-Wait-Get Rejected-Browse Again-Order Again-Wait Again-Get Rejected Again.