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Why there is no active buyer requests

I have been on fiverr for 2 years now, and i noticed that there isn’t much buyer requests in my gigs categories which makes me wonder is there a ranking policy or something to be allowed to see more requests ? because i don’t think there are 3 or 4 buyers that do a request per day (sometimes none)


try to become online for more time and make a gig with subcategory others then you will receive more buyer requests.


When you reaching level one seller , you will see more than 700 buyer requests.


same here. been here for 4 years plus. very few clients past few days. rarely got new clients. there must be something wrong. unless it is because I edited my gigs couple of times.

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Editing gigs can change it’s placing in the search engine, one of the main reasons people edit their gigs is to help with moving their gig up in the search engine). However sometimes it can go quiet for a while then come back once it is re-settled in the search. If you are waiting you should always check out the buyer requests as much as possible. If you can do this it will also help with your listing. You should also check your gig edits for errors that may pull down your listing. Once you have done your gig edits to the best try not to change them so much.


thats what im talking about, there is that much of buyer requests to bid on.

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It doesn’t appear so as the user of comment below has level two

Fiverr only allows 10 sellers from each level to make offers on buyer requests. Because so many sellers who are level 0 or level 1 depend on BR to get jobs, there are naturally more of those level sellers making offers to each BR. :dizzy_face:

Therefore, when 10 sellers like you, who are level 0, apply for a job Fiver pulls that BR from view. So, if you were typing up your offer the BR could disappear in the middle of your typing. I had this happen to me many times when I first started out. It was frustrating! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Once you get to level 1 things, get better. :wink:

As @cherboub said, when you get to Level 1, you will see hundreds of buyer requests. :astonished:

The only problem is that almost all of them are weeks or months old. :roll_eyes:

The first thing I did is delete all that were more than a few days old. (Ya, I have OCD :pleading_face:)
Now I see 10 to 16 a day in the writing and proofreading category. :slightly_smiling_face:


My OCD is not a hinderance to me. I have a mild case. :wink:

It helps me keep my :house: clean. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am on level; two but there is no buyer request

Let me share you my Experience :innocent:

1- Buyer Requests are Actually worked as a filtered category.
2- You should publish 7 Gigs, and set a gig with category “Other”.
3- I have noticed There is a specific time for each category fresh BR.
4- Try to be online atleast 8 hours a day.

When I started selling, I just set a single gig with the category “Other” and I was able to see BR. Because sometimes buyers don’t know about the category type of their project so they select “Other”.
2nd thing I did, Completed the 7 gigs when I was 0 Level seller. Now I am Level 2 :innocent:

But After promoting level 2, there are more than 2000 BR but all are useless,old :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for updating.

What’s the best way to get orders? How do I get orders?

Can you tell me how we can make gig with subcategory thank you