Why there is red symbol on my level 2?


How i remove the Red symbol?
If i can not remove the red symbol then what happen with me next ?


Hey there,

what that means is that you are failing one of the KPIs you need to maintain in order to keep being a lvl 2 seller.

You need to get your rating average back to 4.8 from 4.7 where it is now by January the 15th, otherwise you will be demoted to lvl 1.


Now my over all rating is 4.8 ? Then why so ?


Red symbol day by day decrease ? Now it is on 4.6 . :frowning:


In your screenshot, it shows your average rating as 4.7.

that’s the actual KPI you need to check since that’s the one that prompted the notification.

Your average rating will keep decreasing if you keep getting less than perfect reviews.


Great Information:+1:


How many fiver stars require so i save my level two ?


from now to January 15 you need to get ALL 5-star reviews. Anything below 4.8 puts you into more trouble.




You’re going to demote/Loose your Level 2 status at Evaluation date. If your Red symbol still remain :smile: