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Why there is so huge BTC processing fee?

Why are you charging 10% of processing fee while paying with BTC?

I came to your site ONLY because I heard that you accept bitcoin payments. I don’t know if I am gonna use your service in the future with such ridiculous policy. I understand such high fee with paypal or CC (chargeback etc.) but why with BTC??.

How much is bitpay or coinbase or any other processor that you are using is charging you? Probably around 1-2% or less.

Actually many sites provide discounts while using bitcoin to encourage more customers to use it cause it cheaper for everyone (for example no chargeback and no processing fees for buyer).

Receiveing bitcoin payments is free.

Receiving bitcoin payment through payment processor (like coinbase or bitpay) costs you max. 2%. Sometimes it is free until you reach equivalent of 1mln$ in payments, and after that the normal fee apllies (1-2%).

Clearly 10% is a ripoff without any sensible explanation (except more money to Fiverr under the false argument of “processing fee”).

What 10% processing fee ?

That’s totally against anything bitcoins stands for!