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Why there is'nt a chance for everyone to sell them services?


Yes, this is something that hit me too. I have no awesome gig where I do I-dont-know-what. I’m a programmer, and on every gig I try to add something that will capture the client’s attention. But… something is not like expected.

You will wonder… what?

Same question i’ve putted myself. What can i do in order to make my gigs appear in the first page of the category? I don’t need to be featured and I don’t like to beg. But since almost all my gigs can be found on the fifth or sixth page, and I’m pretty active on fiverr (not on forum)… well… the chance to have a client is near to zero. I had just one gig going pretty well, and after modified the content (added some feature to incentive clients), Fiverr announced me that the gig was a copy of one of my own gigs and deleted it. And that gig was always on the first page of my category. Thus, I had no gig related to that one. I’ve rebuilt the gig and started from zero, but now… same gig can be found on the fifth page. And my sales droped instantly to zero. There should be implemented a rotation feature, in order to give a chance to sell to all sellers. And I can’t believe that a video with someone acting a bit weird can be putted as “Featured” on a category where being “unique on your presentation” does’nt matter very much, but what you can do really matters. I’m dissappointed, really.

P.S. I’m sorry for my bad english.


I think it might even be better to have your gig on the first search page of Google. Here’s the title of one of your gigs > move Wordpress from Subdomain to Main Domain. I found a different Fiverr seller in the first page results of Google for that key phrase. It looks like he/she has made sales with 105 reviews. I’m not anything near an expert on the subject of SEO. But after reading your post, that was just my first thought.


Yes, but that gig appeared on the first page because of the traffic it gets. I can’t force my friends on facebook to take a look at my gig on Fiverr (and is not fair-play with other sellers, because I can get thousands of views to my gigs). That gig have nothing to do with SEO, there is nothing on that gig from the first google page to show some SEO work. Returning on what I’ve said, that gig receive alot of traffic because is well positioned in the category, not because the seller have done something to improve the content of his gig. So, if him was the first to post that kind of gig, will gain the attention of buyers because of the large amount of feedback. But a new seller will be lost from the beginning, exactly because it have no feedback. I’m not a new seller, and many of my gigs have at least 2 months.


The only point I was trying to make is that if you get ranked well on Google for terms your potential buyers would use to search by it should convert to sales. You wouldn’t have to be concerned about what page you appear on in the Fiverr search.

With that said, I don’t really have any problem with your idea of a rotating feature. I was just thinking of alternatives…:slight_smile:

p.s. Honestly, I haven’t utilized SEO in my gigs. So, I’m not practicing what I’m preaching. lol. But I’m going to try it later tonight with a gig for a new service I’ve been planning to list. I’ll see how it goes in the coming weeks. It should help to increase orders.