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Why there’s been a flood of mining bots and my experience with that

As the title suggests, why in the world is there a flood of new users who claims that mining bot works? Originally I was going to use a mining bot to make money but when I asked one user on Fiverr on both Whatsapp and on Telegram, they responded to me, saying that cost $300.09 for the mining tools, $250 for 25 years of mining tools, $1075 of testing the processing of the mining fees, and when I’m attempting to put my money on BTC, I started to get the feeling that whole process is nothing more than a con artist. I lost $2000 as a result of that. I don’t know why Fiverr hasn’t been pressured to implement more trustworthiness but as far as I know, I wouldn’t recommend that gig until the issue is been resolved.

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Based on what you’ve seen, would you say it’s more of a Pyramid scheme - Wikipedia or a Ponzi scheme - Wikipedia ?
Based on what you’ve described, I’d guess pyramid, but ‘investment’ implies Ponzie.

I mine XYO for free on my phone.

Just download the COIN app and off you go!

It’s both because at Sunday night or just a straight up BS scam that doesn’t give me anything.

I would like to make it clear on naming and shaming, because of the rules that you’re not suppose to talk trash about other users, I can’t really provide links so you’re going have to take my word that exist.

Anyways, if anyone who tried the “mining bots” please explain to us if it works or not.