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Why they denied my gig?


i have created a gig for download videos from any site but they denied my gig why?


Because you make content of third parties available for the very likely use for copyright infringements.
Great move from Fiverr to deny this gig.


First, you are not allowed to download videos from youtube, especially for the purpose of redistributing them - why do you think youtube doesn’t give you a “download” button? And using browser plugins/addons/software for that purpose is also not allowed as it circumvents their terms. And note I haven’t started talking about Fiverr.

Regarding Fiverr, why would anyone want a gig to download youtube videos when there are so many free sites online that offer that exact thing? (which again, is not allowed, but it’s at their risk and responsibility)

I don’t like it (and neither does Fiverr) when people want to make money by doing illegal things or by doing nothing (aka. “quick money with no effort”). So there you have it, the reasons you were seeking :wink:

Also, make sure you have the rights to (re)distribute/(re)sell the photos from your “Give You 300 Pictures Of Dangerous Animals With Their Names”, otherwise you risk that gig being taken down, too, as it’s not allowed to resell pictures without having reseller rights.

As for your other gig “Convert Video To Any File Format”, again there are so many free sites that offer this, and you also risk a lot if you get an order to convert a video that makes a case of copyright infringement :wink:


Sorry i was mean to “download videos from any site” cause There are a lot of sites that are difficult to download from them and my gig was just to download 10 videos from any site for 5$ and i’m not the only who have this gig on fiverr.
and to download 10 videos from any site that’s not easy for me.
so this is not a quick money with no effort


Why do you think it’s hard to download from them? Because the site owners made it difficult since it’s illegal to download their videos (if it would be legal, it would be easy).

Yes, it’s not easy to download from any site, because of copyright infringement and because you’ll be doing illegal things.

Fiverr does not allow such a service, because it’s against all rules (Fiverr’s rules & most site’s rules)

  • Downloading videos from websites that are copyrighted would not be allowed as a service on Fiverr.


i don’t do a illegal things cause the most people who searched for this gig are wants to download the videos to watch them not to upload or to do a illegal things and as you said why this sites and youtube doesn’t give you a download button? of course the site will not give you a button to download cause this sites are cares for watching and views why he will give you a button to download?


If you are not doing anything illegal, perhaps add the names of websites you will download videos from in your gig title.

@Woofy31 Maybe he is referring to websites that have a huge banner: “You are allowed to download our videos.”


Have you read those sites’ “Terms of Service” pages? If you read them, you’ll find that they do not allow downloading, scraping or using any automated means of obtaining data from their site. Which translates to a simple word: “illegal” :wink:

Read the Terms of Service pages of the sites you plan to download from, and I can tell you right now you won’t see that they allow downloading, redistributing or reselling.

Again, there’s a reason why those sites don’t put a “download” button - because those sites consider it illegal to download. :wink:

P.S. do you think that those sites allow you to download and sell their videos? Downloading for the purpose of reselling without proper license to do so is even worse! :frowning:


And do you think that those sites allow reselling them, too? :smiley: I’m sure they don’t. Not even those who offer a “download” button don’t allow reselling them.

Also, he wasn’t referring to those sites, because he said “sites that are difficult to download from” :smiley:


Benefit of the doubt given, accepted but returned :wink:


Hi @ydavid101
copyright issue may be
because some file or site not permit direct file download.


copyright infringements :cop::eyes:


there’s so much sites so the title will be too long.


Well in that case Fiverr will deny your gig because they would think you’re downloading videos from say, YouTube. Against their TOS.