Why they will stop reading your contents/documents


I am Joel Davis, and when it comes on to articles, novels, blog post, short story, essays, eBooks Etc …, I clearly understand how you want them to be.
There is nothing wrong with looking over on what you had written, but keep in mind, that there are advance typographical errors that are mostly unseen. :eye:
Now, for only $5, you can get your contents/documents proofread. :page_facing_up:
Your service is guaranteed satisfaction on your behalf. And content protection is of strong security. :shield:

Why do you need my service?

1. Unlimited revision
2. 24 hrs (1 day) delivery
3. Accurate proofreading
4. Grammar checking
5. Sentence flow checking
6. Punctuation checking
7. Paragraph checking
8. Verify spelling
9. Repeated words checking
10. Complex error checking
11. Correct word use checking
12. Correct punctuation use checking
13. Syntax checking
14. Etc…

Now, if you have more than 1000 words, no problem, I do custom orders as well.
Contact me.

Communication is the best and I value that.

Your bestseller,



You’ve included a repetition of -


Hi, thank for your reply, feel free to leave me advice on how to improve my service.


Hi, thank for your reply, feel free to leave me advice on how to improve my service.


Looks great! I would raise your prices the moment you get to Level 1 though.


Thank you so much for your reply Lucycodex, I totally agree with you.


It’s amazing that your gig description is the same as another Fiverr seller who has more than 5,000 favorites on his gig. Unless you want to be banned for Gig infringement, I’d suggest you make some considerable changes.


That cannot be correct, do you have a source for that statistic?


Thanks for your reply, my gig is currently under editing.


Thanks for your reply, my gig is currently under editing. you can assist me where possible, give a little advice now and then.


My gig is currently under editing, thank you for suggesting the changes be made, I really appreciate it


Hi, my gig has been edited.


You’re offering proofreading service yet your own gig description is full of grammar mistakes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Shouldn’t you start with your own gig description?


95% of all statistics are fake.

See what I did there?

Also (actually on topic, apologies):
"joelsdavisworks is an inspired individual motivated by the positive, who enjoys what I do, am 20 years old and does ‘‘quality work’’, such as: - Logo Creation -Transcription - cover creation -Proofreader -Virtual Assistant -Voiceovers completing orders for my clients with satisfaction is most relevant, I work on time and with time, motivated by the positive. (lighting speed works is joelsdavisworks) super fast, I love what I do. I love communicating with my clients, get to see their opinion and resolve with them better to their satisfaction. "

It’s jarring to me that you offer proofreading and editing services while your description looks like this, especially with the parts in bold.


I know, just want to remove that link, a friend of mine typed that in for me. Now is kinda stuck in the SEO.
Don’t pay attention to that, thanks for your reply.


Thanks, just fixed it.


Jovanibrown, should I remove those the bold.


Joel, what we are trying to say is that you’re not qualified to offer proofreading service. Try to find a different service you can offer.

I don’t think that’s an option. You can’t be a proofreader and hire someone to write your gig description. You’d be basically lying to your future clients.

Take our advice and don’t offer proofreading service. Find a service you’re qualified to offer. You won’t learn grammar overnight.


You tell me what is wrong, and I will listen.


You’re right on that point.