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Why this error was show me?

why this error was show me? Even without my any mistake.

I’m guessing you have broken one of the rules without knowing.
Did you read the whole TRS?
It is a lot to read and a lot of people skip it, but if you read through everything you
might find out why you got the notice.

Did you for example exchange contact information, like asking for email
addresses, skype addresses, anything like that?

(BTW, I strongly suggest you to delete your proofreading gig.
It is quite clear from the 2 sentences you typed above that you are not
capable of offering such services.)


did you ask for 5 star review?

Another seller gave you a review and the other seller has gigs like yours. It’s possible that Fiverr thought it was a fake, paid or exchanged review. It looks a bit funny.

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In addition to what others have said, don’t copy gig descriptions of other sellers. Don’t copy parts of their gig descriptions, either. It’s plagiarism, it’s wrong, and it could get your gig denied, or your account banned.

Write your own descriptions from scratch.

EDIT: Make sure that the logos you show in the gig images are created by you, from scratch. If they’re not, it’s plagiarism.

Just be happy it’s a warning and not a ban. Some people don’t even get this


TRS Or TOS?:thinking::thinking:

it mean i have consume 1 warning notice and now next fiverr will ban me?

If you keep breaking the rules, yes, Fiverr will ban you.

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no but my account cant use buyer requests due to low rating and i have several times just buyer requests for seen buyer requests.