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Why this Fiverr rule even exist

Sellers must fulfill their orders, and may not cancel orders on a regular basis or without cause. Cancelling orders will affect Sellers’ reputation and status.

Every seller at least once encounter a buyer so problematic that no matter how professional you are it’s just sometimes impossible to finish order.

As sellers we need to underprice our services as Fiverr market is very competitive. That’s why we are exposed to hell clients. We have no protection against this type of clients and all we can do is check their reviews if they have any.

And that’s not even effective because most sellers gives 5 stars to buyer even if their experience was bad. No one wants to stop cash flow and experience would have to be really damaging to seller if they would give less than 5 stars to buyer.

I understand why cancelling orders without cause is forbidden. But if it have solid cause then why should we get punished? I mean this just makes no sense at all.

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I understand what you’re saying and would love this myself. However, thinking about it another way, the policy does make sense.

I know that when I think of canceling an order I heavily weigh the Pros and Cons of cancellation on my account. Without that, I might be inclined to cancel more often. And if everyone had that attitude it would have the cumulative effect on Buyer consciousness to be wary of placing orders in the first place. The effect of THAT could be a much higher amount of pre-ordering communications. Or fewer orders created because some just won’t bother. Right now with the current crisis, many people are already squeamish about ordering.

From an objective business standpoint, over time it would be worse for Buyers, worse for Sellers, and worse for Fiverr.

Perhaps a better solution would be to lower the standard slightly and allow an 88% minimal cancel rate instead of 90 and see what happens?

In my opinion every order cancellation should be handled by CS and they should decide if order should be canceled and if buyer should be punished. Because right now there are many situations that sellers got much lowered impressions because they needed to cancel order, not because of their fault.