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Why this gig is not selling?

I don’t understand why my gig is not selling and where is the problem.
I need some effective way to Improve my gig and increase my gig selling.


Try to promote your gig

Can you tell me a effective way?

I can imagine that the last review you had on your logo gig hurt you.

When I looked at your gig 2 things stood out, none of which is specific to your background gig. 1) The writing showed that you know English well, but that it’s not your best. 2) The review the customer left. Unfortunately (for you) your customer left a detailed response to your work. If I were to see this gig (20 reviews), I would pass onto another seller that I wouldn’t have those worries about. If you had more reviews, I could see that being just a mad customer. However, it looks like they took their time to write the review and it makes me feel like they were being honest.

Again, just my opinion…


How can I overcome this?

I wouldn’t change anything. From your previous reviews, you do great work. Search the forum for threads on “Marketing my gig” and “how to write effective buyer requests”. Send as many buyer requests as you can and learn about marketing for freelancers.

I think even after a few orders, that review wont be front and center.

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loganstover, Thanks a lot.

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Try to promote yourself

you can share your gig on social medias and to your friends and family it kinda helpful

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A great thing to do would be to provide a service that hasn’t been offered by thousands of other people

Maybe tone down the reply to the last review (it might help increase orders if potential buyers see it). Their rating wasn’t that bad. Maybe mention that you are happy to revise any delivery. Also maybe change “Satisfaction Guaranty” text under profile. Also send offers in buyer requests section.

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I read posts like this before I started on Fiverr and I used them as fuel to where I am now. I was told, “Voice Overs have too many sellers” or “new sellers don’t get love when there are thousands of sellers”.

4 months later…

To all you new sellers, it is possible! Work hard, provide great quality, have a positive outlook … and use ignorance like this as a motivator to succeed.

I would not compare the complexity of a voiceover to an “I will remove 15 backgrounds of images for 5$”

Writing is an oversaturated gig, but I do great work by providing niche services. Writing is a highly complex topic that needs many different ways to write, etc. Voice Overs are popular due to the ability to get any type of voice you need, especially if you provide different voices, ways of talking, and it has important commercial uses.

Removing backgrounds from photos is easy to do, and over 10,000 people provide that very service. Not many people are looking for background removal of images as compared to how easy it is to do, and how often it is recommended in articles as “easy money”.

You can make a living with voice overs if you have good equipment and great marketing skills. But acting as if all gigs are equal is only going to give people too much hope before having it all crashing down. I am sure someone can make a living that way, but unless you can compete in the marketplace with 10800 other people offering the exact same cookie cutter service, then you are just setting people up for failure.

Especially coming from someone like you, who has over 10 years of prior experience and an amazing portfolio before even starting Fiverr.

Sounds like an equal footing to all the new sellers that have to build themselves up from scratch.

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but apparently enough to encourage abstinence.

It’s called “selling smart”. There was a small mini mart that opened near me. It was an average mini mart, but it was in competition with two large grocery chains, and many gas stations that sold similar products, mostly for a lower cost. They have since gone out of business because someone, somewhere, told them that opening up a small store that is in major competition would be a good business move.

I am not saying “Don’t sell” I am saying “Provide a service that is either niche, or is somehow different than the 10,800 other gigs out there that offer the exact same thing.”

Everyone’s voice is different, but you can only remove a background in one way. Diversifying makes sense, claiming that people “are perfect just the way they are and should not change anything, just look at me! (It only took me 10 years and several large clients to get me here)” is dumb.

Play your cards intelligently and you can beat the competition. However, it would be silly and outright mean of me to say that there is any significant chance that someone offering gigs for background removal are going to sell much in the Fiverr market.

Think about Logo Designing, Title, Description and try to promote it on Social Media Networking sites. Hope you will find this tips useful.
Thank you.

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That’s what you are saying now. Before you said…

Either way, you are giving great advice (albeit not altruistically). I appreciate all the lengthy advice you have provided to all of us. As well as mentioning my personal accomplishments. Thanks!

Both are those say the exact same thing… but whatever. You are welcome for providing good advice, and not altruistically because neither are you.

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