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Why this happen, bad buyer or any idea

I am new to fiverr.

Why this happen, bad buyer or my behavior is bad or do not know what is wrong here please, any idea?,

He asked to make logo with script fonts, i sent to him 10 version he said i like number nine, i put on his web page.

He asked to put slides in his web page and i said him that your web page does not support slides, it must be extra gig, because must buy slide. I put on my fiverr page, one problem per gig.

And he has cancelled order, do now know why?

In attach is my conversation with him in messages

Sheriff’s Note: Your image was removed. It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

Any idea, any suggestion ?

It seems like the buyer asked for you to add the slider and bought the gig for it.

Then he added he also wanted a logo (buyers always want more!). You should’ve said no to that or that it would cost them more.

Mainly you should’ve said straight away that the slider would cost more (the $30 you mention) before doing and delivering any work. When you mentioned it, it was too late, and the buyer clearly didn’t want to pay more.

The miscommunication cost you cash and time.

thankyou a lot “designmytype”