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Why this happens to me?

today a buyer marked order as complete and after giving review she canceled order through customer support i did not understand why she did this even i gave her unlimited revisions she was satisfy with the final delivery and gave 4 star but she cancel after giving review why???
i think this is unfair for sellers

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Hi. Yes, what you’re describing is unfair. But without knowing more details, it’s difficult for us to say anything more than that.

Have you contacted customer support about this, to try and figure out why this has happened?

You can message customer support to find out the reason.


at first she did not like the background i change the background she made some revisions and mark order as complete i still asked her any problem let me know but she asked for final draft without fiverr watermark after few hours of receiving that she cancel order i did not understand why

yes i will but i am very disheart

I would get in contact with the customer support and ask them if they can clarify what happened and why.

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i contact customer support but i think after leaving good review buyer cancel order this is unfair for sellers

She asked for a draft without watermark? I’m afraid you got scammed.

Take a screenshot of that request and add it to your CS request - they probably won’t give you your money … but they’re likely to ban that buyer so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.