Why this is happening? (Please help)



There is no Fiverr user with the username Undefined, so therefore, they can’t be contacted because they don’t exist. :slight_smile:


I believe this means that their account was either terminated or eliminated.


I was going to say closed, but your version sounds so much more dramatic! It should say at the top ‘Sorry, this account’s been exterminated.’ :slight_smile:


What to do now at this time ???


Nothing - you can’t contact them, so there’s nothing you can do.


With a dalek shouting it in the background! :slight_smile:


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Of course - I spent most of the 70s behind the sofa - I’m only just recovering now! :slight_smile:


@thecreativeguys Was it something I said?


[spoiler]Nope, offtopic.

I felt it wasn’t fair to the OP?[/spoiler]


Fair dos - no problem! :slight_smile:


can u tell me?? by showing this is there any problem with my account?


That actually was an account until recently. A month ago when I got that I looked and there was a real account by seller UNDEFINED. Now it’s been removed. And UNDEFINED was not able to be contacted.


Nothing personal :slight_smile:

Like I was saying, I was born in the UK, and for that reason alone, we connect in certain ways!

Anyway, I think the OP had his question answered and this post can be “marked as complete” :wink:


Nope - there is no problem with your account.


@eoinfinnegan @fonthaunt Please can you close this thread as the OP’s question has been answered/ Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


Question Answered