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Why this is happening to me?

NO Buyer request !
NO Order !
NO Click !
NO Conversation !
NO Views !
NO Impression ?
NO …
Only NO…
I am fed up Now…


What is happening with fiverr ?



@ag151293 Don’t give up hope!

Find a way to demonstrate to potential Buyers what your services will result in.

Below I’ve included a gig to another seller who has a presentation in their demos. Could you do something like this? I hope this is helpful. Best wishes for lots of forthcoming orders!


Or at least you could share us your gigs and profile to be constructive.
Unless, you only want to complain, in that case:
“There there… Shhh, it will be all right”


thank you very much @ilovevoiceover I will definitely try this. I hope it will bring some positive responses and orders

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feel free to visit fiverr academy for more. Link

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yes thank you @fogi I will try this too.

what can i do for this? can you share with me some demos

at least share some of your gigs so we can see and tell our opinions!

Check this out: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) Updated August 2018

This may also be of interest to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


Simple solution is to rebuilt your gigs dear. Try to make unique gigs. Also put video on your gig. I hope this will work. And for buyer request you have to spend more time on fiverr.

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Personally I don’t see anything wrong with your gigs, but I can say that
there are hundreds of similar gigs for data entry, virtual assistants, etc.
Since I have no experience in that field I don’t know what makes gigs like those
stand out, but I think that’s the problem you are having: your gigs are not unique.

Not sure how you can make them so, but I’m guessing that quite a lot of
tweaking is necessary along with a lot of promoting.

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You’re in a very competitive space, I can post a buyer’s request and have multiple offers in minutes for $5.

Try niche targeting with your gigs.

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You can promote yourself on your SM pages

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there are some of my gigs below

I am promoting my gigs on social media

its has been 11 months on fiverr. but i was expecting the good result. I have seen so many gigs on fiverr that are unique. they don’t have orders. also some gigs that are pretty simple which has a lots of order and stand out as top rated on fiverr.

but there is only option of buyer request. there is no other option for requesting the buyer

As others said, you are in a competitive space, and some of your gigs can be fully automated (=not many added value).
Also, you only have 3 gigs listed - use the maximum 20 allowed. It’s a numbers game, plus you will see where there is demand!

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Also, you only have 3 gigs listed - use the maximum 20 allowed.

He can’t until he is at level 2. He is unlevelled so he can currently only have 7 active gigs. An unleveled seller also can’t create >7 gigs by pausing some of them.

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I don’t mean by messaging people, create your gig to target a certain type of people.

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