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Why this is happening?

I have something like a problem.I don’t know if the word problem is the right but let me explain.So I have 1 feautured gig and it’s very good on sales and messages.But all my other gigs are not going very well.They have amazing rating and reviews but I get order like 1 per month or something like that.All my gigs are in Graphic Design category.Looking forwad for your answers.
Getoffice Team.

That’s the case for most people. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Focus more of your time editing your main gig to make it perfect. Play around and see what works best. Maybe using a different keyword will help you get more orders, maybe less.

It’s only natural that a particular gig is more popular than others, I don’t see what the problem is, being honest. Your overall performance and workload are more important than the distribution, and seeing you’re level 2, looks like you’re doing just fine.