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Why this request of mine has be rejeced?

‘Hi, I need a gifted artist who can draw a horse from a photo manually with excellent results in full color, realistic or freestyle.’

PS never seen such a poor and annoying forum software, it’s only getting worse.

Moderator Note: Buyer Requests is a separate type of code and is not a forum, just to be clear. If you post a request on the forum and it was removed, it was probably because it should have gone to Buyer Requests.

Try writing it more clear. For instance, you can say
I am looking for an artist who will manually draw a horse from a photo
After your request is accepted, you will go ahead with further explanations

Yes, try to re-write it

It looks like it’s clear what you want to me. You could ask customer support this question.

@alw1nl You can try and browse the fiverr logo design section, You can find talents there.