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Why to wait for 15 days?

If I have to chose one of the best freelancing website then there is no better option then fiverr because its easy to use and you can earn on fiverr even by singing a happy birthday song for someone lol! the gig feature allows users to explore what they can do or even if they cant do anything then they can at least sing a song or sing a happy birthday song or tell a joke and a lot more stupid things which seems to be stupid but fiverr allow users to earn even from the stupid things too which makes fiverr best and unique freelancing website but despite of all these advantages I dont know why sellers have to wait for 15 days (half of a month ) to get a penny cleared on fiverr. I can acknowledge that fiverr have to give buyers more protection then the sellers for obvious reasons of scamming but what if fiverr low down the clearance time from 15 days to 5-6 days I guess 5 days are enough to test anything that delivered by the seller. This will not only motivate sellers but also will attract more audience

You’re right…If the buyer leave positive feedback the payment should taker around 1 week…I mean, I love Fiverr - honestly - but 15 days…

At least for Level 2 (Or 1) sellers :slight_smile:

Have a good day kids.

Hi, i wan tot know that i have been trying transferring amount from fiver to paypal since last 1 week but every-time the paypal option is not clicked and only local bank transfer is shown. Can anyone help me out there to make things understand better.

Reply to @sahildhingra: Please contact Customer Support for the issue you are facing.

Reply to @wingle: I have found the reason why that was not happening. Thanks