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Why travelling is important for writers


This is Kevin_ron.I am a creative content writer.Today I will share some experience with the content writer sellers.Travelling is very important fact for the writers.Travelling will increases the domain of knowledge.As you know, there is no bigger school than nature.So it will help you to learn something new and dynamic.You can write outstanding content.You know what, experience matters a lot.So try to travel new places and gather experience.

Think something new and think something out of the boundary!


What comes first - the travelling or the writing?
How can we travel if we have not been paid for writing?
How can we write if we have not been travelling?


Buddy Your sense of humor is extraordinary :slight_smile: Yes Money is a must for traveling but first, try to gain experience then earn. Cause skill is important to be successful


Hey kevin_ron,
I couldn’t agree more. We can all agree that most people are a better version of themselves while travelling and that definitely translates into creative writing. That being said, I am trying to curate a group of 15 people (writers, freelancers, entrepreneurs) to spend a month in Valencia in February. The trip is being sold at cost and I think anyone that clicks on this forum would be an asset to the group. Feel free to message me if this spikes anyones interest!
Happy traveling,


I don’t know about this. It makes sense in theory and I’m sure traveling helps, especially for those with less experience. I haven’t traveled nearly as widely as some people, but I am extremely well-read. I have also participated in so many hobbies of all kinds that I have a lot of trivial knowledge. Most of that knowledge might be useless if I worked in an ordinary job, but in writing, it is very helpful. Life experience and self-improvement can be just as valuable as travel, in my opinion. Everything helps a writer, though! :slight_smile:


Think it depends on what you are writing about. Some people prefer the road less travelled. :slightly_smiling_face:


yes right you are …


Yeah, you are right, thanks


Thanks a lot for your valuable information :slight_smile:


I travel to the mall 3 km away to watch a movie once in 3 months…and I travel to the bank 800 meters away once in a month to make sure everything is in order…did I mention my travels to the coffee shop 100 meters away twice a week? Used to be once a day, but these days I’m sort of busy…I guess that’s about it…


We all need some free time for ourselves but we should also take care of our work and orders :slight_smile: Keeping balance is important no doubt.