Why TRS are allowed to sell illegal services?



I see that Fiverr allows some Top Rated Sellers to sell illegal services, like YouTube views.

This kind of service is a violating of YouTube ToS, but Fiverr Staff allows TRS (there are many) to offer that kind of services. Why?

ps: if any of you, or me are creating a gig that sell YouTube views, in just a few days the new gig will be banned by Fiverr Staff, but for TRS it’s not a problem…


NO answer?


I’m not sure why you posted a question when you apparently already know the answer. :slight_smile:

Just so you don’t feel ignored… Fiverr is a huge marketplace and while they have been cutting down on gigs that ‘possibly infringe’ on third party websites, it would be very difficult (in theory) for Fiverr to clean house in one fell swoop and remove every offending gig in an instant, so of course they start with new gigs that get flagged when they are created, instead of losing existing revenue streams.

Since I’m Miss Cynical today, I’ll also mention that sites like YouTube are obliged to keep their sites clear of fraud, BUT, until the fraudsters are removed, they get to enjoy the benefits of the larger numbers of ‘users’ & ‘views’.

In short, everyone is keeping up appearances, not really eliminating much fraudulent activity. Because money. :slight_smile:


Always money…