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Why unable to create gig?

**when i am put all information in the gig sections and goes to publish it then its shows take a test before publish gig. i take test but unfortunately fails. now i am trying to again to give test but now it shows error. what can i do? please help me. :pensive: **


Some categories require Sellers to verify their skills first. If you’re failing the test, then you can’t move forward with the gig creation. Can you share a screenshot of the error message?

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If you can’t pass the test, then you don’t have enough knowledge in the field you are offering a service in.

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no this test is about English grammer

And what service were you offering in your gig?

data entry service. but now when I retake test its shows error. :pensive:

you are really great. what a soundtrack u make! really great. keep doing. :slightly_smiling_face: