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Why vacation mode is limited to 28 annual days?

Hi friends,

thanks for the interest on my discussion,

well I’m overbooked + busy with study & I still receive orders + messages from buyers

how can I re-activate the vacation mode again?

why vacation mode is limited to 28 annual days?


Hi. :slight_smile: As someone that has used up their 28 annual days, just suspend your Gigs until you’re ready to take on more orders. Hopefully that’ll help you! I don’t know why there’s a limit on vacation though. I used mine up a month ago and I still haven’t gotten it back.

Just extend your delivery time and your extras. Let’s say you set your delivery time for 25 days, then you can set each extra at the max too the to the point where if someone orders it may be 35 days that you have to deal with that. This in itself should slow down orders and give you plenty of time to deal with the orders as they come in. Just highlight it in the description.

No-one can answer why vacation time is short other than Fiverr. My guess would be that it’s because if gigs are gone too long it gives too much of a chance for buyers to go on too extended of vacations and cuts into Fiverr’s profit bottom-line.

thank you for reply @luna_dreamer07 :slight_smile:

is there any chance how to enter the vacation mode again?

or this will be till next year O.o

Hi @freelancemm thanks for the interest you gave,

could you please explain me more what you mean by extending the delivery time?

i’ve gigs where the longest one is 8 days, how do you think this will effects on my rating? or is there any way to enter the vacation mode again?

thank you :slight_smile: