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Why Views and clicks of my Gigs are decreasing


Hello Dear Fellows and Seniors
I am facing a problem. The impressions, views and clicks of my Gigs are decreasing and I am unable to get New order from last few days. I want to know why this is happening?
Also I want best recommendation on my below Gig. Suggest me how I can make it better to get new orders? My gig link is


Maybe add an FAQ section to your gig which helps to further explain it, such as the different terms, the types of sites you’ll link from etc. Also would it be better if the backlinks were added more slowly than adding them all in 1 or 2 days? Maybe make a recommendation of what you think’s best. Also help the buyer’s know why buyer the service would be helpful to their site. Maybe give more info about the sites/pages you’ll be linking from.

Maybe there’s a lot of competition from similar gigs or less people are buying these types of gigs right now. It may also be your search position on the site. You could also post offers in the BR section to help with it.



This is probably happening due to the following reasons:

  1. Your gig is not visible to people in the search (meaning it is somewhere down in the the Fiverr Search pages)
  2. You ain’t doing regular buyer requests or not writing better proposals which make buyer click and check your gig.

Note that even though you don’t get hired for a project, do make sure to send buyer request proposals daily so you can get your Gig recognized.

To improve your Gig ranking in search try doing some keyword research and how you can rank fiverr gigs by adding keywords to your Tags as well as Description.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for you insight.