Why was Fiverr so problematic the last few days?


There were an unusually high number of tech issues, and also seemed to be extra SPAM posts in the Forum over the last few days. One possible explanation is . . .

On Thursday afternoon (USA time) on Twitter, Fiverr posted that they have just finished moving to new offices over the last few days. I hope that was the only reason for the recent slump in service, and they at least get back to normal soon. Because if that is not the answer, it is getting harder to trust that transactions here will work out, especially when OBVIOUS issues go unfixxed for days at a time.

(Edited to add this note: I did not write the following part of this post, but it showed up in my post anyway, so maybe there is an automatic linking thing going becaused I moved it from one section to another… Sorry.)


Please let me know how. ( xD ?)

I did edit it, but don’t see how to delete it at the old spot.

On the other hand, maybe it is good to leave it there as well. I just noticed that this “Bugs” section of the Forum is only seen by registered Forum member who view while logged in to the Forum. The other more popular sub-sections of the Forum can be seen by all visitors.