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Why was I on the first page of fiverr and all of a sudden Im on the last page?

Um. I’ve been ranking on the first page for my relevant keywords since I started selling my gig on fiverr. I haven’t changed anything about the gig except the delivery days here and there because sometimes I would get a ton of orders and wanted to spread it out a little bit and adjust. I have a 5 star rating from all of my buyers (some didn’t leave ratings). So, I think within about a day I was on the first page and even the first gig you see when searching certain keywords and now Im not only on the LAST page, Im dead last. Like, Im the last gig you see on the last page. What is up with that?? I don’t get it


If you read this thread you will find you are not the only seller with this issue. :confused:


Hello, right now I see 3 orders in your queue. Do you have your number of orders allowed set to 3?

Did you change your gig title? Did it used to be something different? If so when did you change it?

I see you recently delivered an order but they have not yet left a review. My orders seem to slow down when that happens. I never look at where my gigs are ranked so I don’t know if they move to a lower place or not.

Maybe it’s because you have 3 orders in your queue but all any of us can do is guess as to the reason.

Usually on Fridays my orders stop for about three out of four weekends. They may shift everything around on Fridays for some of us.
It happens to lots of us but it might be temporary for you hopefully.


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I checked if I have order limit on and I do not. Yes, I had an order recently and he did not leave a review, but how is that my fault? I would think Fiverr would not penalize a seller for that as that is something completely out of my control. As far as I know that buyer was happy with the work and just didn’t take the time to leave a review. The only thing that I change quite often are the delivery days. There are times where I will get 3 orders on the same day so I will go in and increase days so if in case I get another order I will have more time. I have to contact support because I really don’t get it. I see some of the other sellers on the first page and they aren’t selling anything. My gig converts buyers and yet I get tossed to the bottom of the pile. Does Fiverr hate making money? lol


Thank you for your reply I will read this thread


Hi @joedun1,

Have you requested time extension, or had any cancellations and/or late deliveries?


How did that one order go? The one for which you didn’t receive a review.

Was everything A-OK? Any friction? Was the buyer kind of weird?

After an order is completed Fiverr sends not one but 2 reminders to buyers to leave a secret review, one that the seller won’t see.

Fiverr no longer asks buyers to leave a public review. It prompts them however to leave that secret feedback.

So my current theory is, the secret review is more important to the system than the actual public ones.

And when the buyer submits that secret review, the UI and entire process makes it seem like there’s nothing else they need to do.

Hence them not leaving an actual review.

So for me it’s a dead giveaway: no review + slump in sales = someone wasn’t happy but didn’t want to speak up.

EDIT: this is 100% pure speculation on my end, not saying that’s what’s going on with you. Really looking for confirmation from anyone who’s experiencing what I am currently faced with.


Are you serious? Buyers no longer get asked to leave a public review? Is this 100% factual?

This is insanity of a whole new order. I used to wonder what Fiverr was smoking. Now it looks like wharever they were smoking was just a gateway drug to an all-out meth addiction. :roll_eyes:


Well I recently placed 3 orders for VO tracks.

I got an actual notification on each order once it was completed, a notification on my dashboard that is, that prompted me to leave a secret review.

I also received 3 emails warning me and informing me that the order will close out after 3 days of inactivity.

I never got any notification/email about an actual public review.

The only prompt that’s close but not an actual review prompt, is when you are on the order page asking you if you are happy and want to accept the delivery.


Well, this is upsetting. The entire secret review system is an insult to sellers to start with. Since even alluding to reviews in messages can result in account warnings, it is highly unlikely that buyers feel pressured to leave a review one way or the other.

I have hundreds of reviews on eBay and Amazon. Not once have I reviewed a purchase anything but honestly.

I do also notice that when buyers don’t leave reviews, I get fewer orders. In no way, though, do I think this means that buyers have said in secret that they hate my work. The vast majority of buyers who do not review me are regulars who have ordered at least once or twice a week fir the past 6-12 months.

Coincidentally, all my regulars used to leave reviews. However, this seems to have stopped since the Gestapo secret review system came in.

It may be that Fiverr uses public review volumes as a ranking factor, but not secret review volumes. In either case, not reminding sellers to leave public reviews is a bit cheeky.

I say this as the vast majority of buyers I have who express concerns do so about Fiverr UI things. i.e. They can’t upload a file, images have watermarks, etc. Yet at no point does Fiverr ask buyers to rate Fiverr itself.


I did reply, but it looks like I got censored… :roll_eyes:


Not sure why you got flagged…

I keep getting “modification requests” with this message: “video looks great, please remove the watermark so we can accept it”.

I think that me having to educate them on how the system works, 2 years after the watermark feature was introduced is a huge fail on Fiverr’s part.

Both in UI and in communication.

Also please note that the secret review is completely different than a public review and is masked as a survey.

It tells the buyer:

You bought X from Frank for $XXX and it took him 5 days.

Please choose a statement that matches how you feel.

And it then presents them with options like:

I feel i overpaid
It wasn’t worth the money
It was OK

and 3-4 more.

Then they can also input their opinion manually by typing a short message and hit submit.

And I ask this: the buyer gets what they want, exactly to spec. I deliver as advertised. They wanted the video I make and they could afford it, but just barely.

Are they happy after everything is said and done when Fiverr prompts them to rate based on cost and delivery time alone?

What happens if buyer’s remorse kicked in?


Probably the “G” word.
Now that you mention it, regulars have stopped leaving reviews for me recently too


I am a seller foremost and I felt slightly annoyed by how many times fiverr asked for me to submit a review.

Just saying.


I recall someone recently posting a CS response saying that Fiverr asks buyers to review twice and that’s why they don’t want sellers asking for reviews!
It might have been @vickiespencer?


Buyers remorse always kicks in. This is especially true with high-value services like yours which are really marketing tools, not end products.

Of course, you deliver a video that is an end product. However, it is still up to the buyer to know how to make that video rank on YouTube, position it the right way in a sales funnel, etc.

Recently a buyer contacted me to ask if I would make a video for their gym app/personal training website. I was about to say yes, but noticed that they already had a video on theit homepage. It was so good, I honestly thought you might have made it.

I explained to the buyer that what they had already was far superior to anything I could produce. Then they said that their video wasn’t converting as their site wasn’t getting any traffic. i.e. Clearly, they had a web design and SEO issue, not an issue with the quality of the video they already had.

Asking people if they feel like they have overpaid is also like asking a dog if it wants its belly rubbed.

I watched a video recently about a Christian web design firm who offered free website design services to local churches and charities. They had to stop because these turned out to be their hardest clients to work with. They always needed revisions and were never satisfied with the end result.

Put simply, it is impossible to completely please people who do not understand the value of what they take delivery of or do not know how to use it. This alone undermines the entire existence of the secret review system. At least, that is unless Fiverr used secret reviews to occasionally spot check seller performances and Fiverr user experiences.


That’s an interesting point, they do, kind of, ask, how often have we seen people post that support told them that the buyer can rightfully rate their “whole experience” … which does include all those things, only that the seller gets the flack for it, not Fiverr.

The last times I bought, I found it rather easy to “find to the review”. As I did review right after accepting the order, I don’t know if Fiverr would have reminded me to do so or not.
The private review … yeah, I think that was via notifications, not per email as before if I remember that right.

If any regular buyers read this who still take the time to leave a public review for the umpteenth order despite running out of variations to praise us :wink: - you rock!


I think Frank is right. It’s the secret review that determines things.

I say this because I had been in a sales slump for a while. Then a regular client purchased a gig and left me a message afterwards that he was
insanely happy and beside himself with the results of the spell he got from me.

He also left a fantastic review explaining how well my spells worked for him. Suddenly the slump was over and my sales took off to the moon.
I doubt if fiverr read the public review but he probably left a perfect private review.

Could someone post the questions that are asked in the secret review? I think @miiila had posted them before but I forgot what they were.


Yep, it was me and that is exactly what CS said. Also, I placed an order not long ago and I was prompted twice to leave a review, and in addition sent a “secret” - poll type review which Frank described.


As far as i know the order went well. I went above and beyond for the buyer and he even mentioned to me that I did. He WAS a complete weirdo though, to be honest. He was the buyer from hell who requested endless changes. He would also ask for other things that was extra work and I told him it wasn’t part of the gig. He was nice but extremely annoying. But I bit the bullet and just made all the pointless changes that he wanted without hesitation. He was basically treating me like I was his personal assistant. One time he ordered me to contact his web host about a transaction issue where they double charged him. I just told him to login to his host and contact support. I didn’t tell him no, but just to basically do it himself. Anyway, I didn’t know about the “secret review” thing. Sounds like a terrible idea to have that. Maybe he did leave a bad review secretly but there was absolutely no reason for him to do so. I was very kind and did WAYYYY more than what I would normally do for a buyer. I just prayed that eventually he would leave me alone and he did, finally. Sounds like Fiverr likes to screw over sellers. I was warned about this platform by others and now I see why

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