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Why was I on the first page of fiverr and all of a sudden Im on the last page?

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Well that’s interesting.

My drought started when someone ordered one of my Pro gigs, was super nice but also kind of vague in their requirements.

Then came a major red flag: use your creativity and make something great.

Despite my attempts to get a solid brief the client remained distant and not cooperative.

I delivered. They said it was a good concept but they had some feedback. Days passed. Then they came back to me with “we don’t really like it. Will send some notes”

Then they came back with the truth: they hired multiple sellers at the same time, and they went with the delivery another seller provided.

They thanked me for my time and were super nice about it, but I was 100% sure that even ticking on the “no” box on the question “are you going to use this delivery” would hurt my “secret” metrics.


The first half of October was very slow. The sales picked up after I turned on my extra fast delivery option. They picked up to the point it became hard to manage. It’s not like anyone’s looking at the number of orders in queue before ordering something urgent.

So after a week of this maddness I turned the extra fast delivery off but lowered the standard one to 3 days instead of 4. Now the orders are coming at a regular pace.

I’m starting to think fiverr’s molding our gigs to fit their vision for them or something. Like they really, really want me to work faster. Which is not something I realistically can or am willing to do. And I’d hope fiverr would stand behind their “quality over quantity” statement.

I did have a strange experience with a buyer at the end of September just to add to that theory. But they started to act funny after reviewing the order. A few days after, to be exact. “Let me bombard you with very minor and unnecessary revisions as an excuse to chat” kind of situation. They eventually left me alone, though.


I have been affected by this issue as well, which has been happening for over 2 months now. My gigs were on page 1 of best selling for over 3 years ( 1 gig about 1 year). 2 months ago all of them are gone to last pages of each category without any reason. Then that means all the stats dropped to 0. I have asked CS many times but they dont give a crap anymore, they reply back with some bull crap!! For over 2 months now, my gig comes back to 1st page for 1 day or few hours then disappears to somewhere at the end of pages for 3/4 days. This has been happening for 2 months now, when gig comes back to 1st page i get orders, when it doesnt then 0 orders.
All my stats are 100% and 5 ratings. Its got nothing to do with performance.
Because i didnt get many orders in last 2 months my gig position dropped too from 2nd line of page 1 to 9th line. Slowly it will keep dropping down at this rate.

Multiple revision request always have a bad effect on gig.

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I changed a sentence in my questions on a gig and it moved back a couple of pages.

Things are always changing. I usually don’t look at where my gigs are.

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Thanks to information#

I have not looked to see where mine are either since 2013. There is no rhyme or reason as to where you are placed here it seems. I just keep plugging along fulfilling orders rather than obsessing where I am or who may be in front of me and why.


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Yes and it keeps changing so why bother to look. Also they mix it up so it shows first page some places and third page other places all the time so you can’t tell what anyone sees or where your gigs will be seen.

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when you have been getting orders for over 3 years, all stats,clicks,impressions are high then i understand that you dont need to look for your gig, when all of sudden everything dropped to 0, gigs cant be seen in search, instead they are on page 70th then you have to check whats going on.

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I can see you are on the 2nd page now. How you get your gig back from last to 2nd page?

Cy actually wrong a long post on how he did it :wink: so you can just check it in topics that he created and read that info. Very informative and not a usual “do social media sharing” fake advices.

I stopped looking where I was “ending up” on the pages back in 2013, the year I began here. I didn’t wait 3 years to say, “All is good now, no need to check!” I just have not put a lot of emphasis on WHERE I am because this is NOT my platform, (meaning, I do not have the power to say where Fiverr puts my listings) and from what I have seen in my 6+ years here, you can end up on a lot of different pages. One day, maybe page 1, row 1, the next 3rd page, bottom row and then the next on the LAST page. Where you are in the pages is not necessarily the main ingredient to your success here.



as far as i know and what i have noticed about this website since the beginning is that you start from end/last pages, you keep working hard, get good reviews/ratings, provide good work and deliver on time, keep doing that and you will keep moving up. Thats what i did and maintained my position on page 1 for 3 years, if my performance is bad then gig will go down gradually not just overnight straight to last page. ( btw my performance is all 100% and 5 ratings)