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Why was I on the first page of fiverr and all of a sudden Im on the last page?

I agree on the GIS thing playing a role.

I’m not so sure about the revisions. If there was just one universal ranking, I’d agree, it wouldn’t make sense then to have the number of revisions count as a ranking factor, because certain categories are more prone to get revisions compared to others because of the nature of the offered services.
However, as we have different pages per categories, the number of revision requests might actually make a difference. If seller A sells basically the same thing as seller B and seller A has 1 revision request per fifty orders, and seller B 1 per 5 orders, whom would your automatic system rank higher if the other stats were similar?
Also, the time the sellers take to do the revisions might count. Which might be a bit unfair because the ranking algorithm doesn’t know how much time a revision needs but then, life is unfair, and in general, it might balance itself out, the amount of needed time between all sellers, so if some sellers do revisions within shorter time frames generally than others, it might well make sense to rank them higher.
Just my musings, all of that, I don’t know anything definitive.

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I noticed something. I was looking at the logo category, trying to see the last pages under the keyword logo.

I couldn’t ever reach the last page because the same last page kept repeating endlessly with the same gigs.

They were to my eye not as impressive looking gigs as the ones on the first pages. I felt like I could visually just by skimming through the logo gigs from the first few pages, then looking at the last ones, see a difference in quality.

I think some kind of manual sorting takes place. I think people take a glance at a gig and sort them into piles. The first 15 pages of logo gigs look pretty good. Then I saw a visual drop off.

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Yeah !! I think the logo design category is pretty saturated and you can also find many hidden talents out there.

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I want to see a beautiful gig if I’m hiring any type of design services. Any designer should have an eye for a good design. When you skim through hundreds of gigs you can get a feel for the basic abilities by looking at the gig and it sort of jumps out at you. Either it’s really good looking or it’s very amateur looking.

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You’ll know when it happens to you.