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Why was it canceled?

okay, so i recently got an order from a customer worth $15, the customer already marked it as completed.

today i get a message saying that the order " was cancelled by Fiverr’s Customer Service team"

and “The order funds have been returned to the buyer” .

I am very disappointed here, whatever happened here was Art theft. I spend my time and my materials on this project and I get this.

the customer did not give me any replys after I delivered, he just marked it as completed.

also i just checked their profile and the user doesn’t exist anymore

I went to the solution center on fiverr and it said "I hate seeing cancelled orders. There’s not much to do at this point. If I may say a few words, the best way to avoid cancellations is always to have a clear Gig description and instructions for your buyer. Oh yeah, make sure your communication skills are top notch too - it never hurts to be as clear as possible."

why is there nothing to do? the buyer didn’t even ask for a cancellation and I delivered the order like he wanted.

how can I get the money back? I trusted fiverr to be safe with my art and money.

superfunart said: how can I get the money back?
Sorry - You can't. He did a chargeback in Paypal. In retaliation Fiverr deleted the user. You can do an image search to see if you can find him using your art - and threaten to sue for usage.

I’m pretty sure there was something else involved in this transaction that provided a valid reason for it to be cancelled by Fiverr’s CS team. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of art did you deliver? Fiverr is not in the habit of randomly cancelling deliveries without a legal reason.

Reply to @jonbaas: it was Arabic graffiti made with colored markers. they told me to draw their name.

they didn’t really provide any reason, nor did the customer said anything about my work when I delivered it.

he marked it as complete (there wasn’t any review or anything) and then suddenly today i get a message from fiverr saying they canceled it.

Was the order marked as complete 3 days after delivery? If yes, it wasn’t the buyer marking it, it was the Fiverr system (all orders are automatically marked as complete after 3 days). In that case, it’s perfectly possible the buyer never even logged into Fiverr after placing the order.

Sorry it happened to you. It happens sometimes, and all Fiverr can do with PayPal chargebacks is to ban the accounts of buyers who do it.

Reply to @catwriter: the order was marked i think 2 days after delivery

anyway thanks for the help

Hmmm seems like That should be on fiverr as the financial institution responsible, I know in my business, if something happened along those lines, it would be my burden, not the artists. But hmmm, who knows…