Why Was My Cover Photo Pointlessly Removed?


Fiverr decided to remove my cover photo from my gig. Apparently your cover photo cannot be the same as any other photo in your gig and it’s the same as one of my sample images. It’s not that I particularly care about having a cover photo, it’s just annoying to have it removed for such a seemingly pointless reason. So, is there a particular point behind that rule, or are the “community editors and designers” just particularly snippish. I added it as a sample image so the thumbnail for my gig would match the cover photo. I don’t feel that, that should violate content guidelines.

Anyway, I just want to know if there’s any rationalization behind this. I’m not going to bother with another cover photo. Based on the email they sent me, they are EXTREMELY specific about what they want. It’s definitely not worth the hassle just to have a “not a banner” as a banner for my gig. I’m sure my gig will survive without such a “great tool for enhancing buyer’s experience.”


Reply to @solidslick: it’s a way to raise some sellers egos and keep others down. honestly i wouldn’t let it bother me. Their double standards will soon smack them in the face.


I am in the same boat as you. What’s the point? sigh Ive seen people with really bad covers, yet they are approved. It’s not cool.


your cover photo should be only an image with no text written on it and one thing your should keep in mind while selecting your cover photo, is it is not a banner it is just an image or picture…


Reply to @designotree: The cover photo didn’t have any text, it was just a drawing of a castle. It was removed because it was the same as one of my sample images. Read the post… 8-| 8-| 8-|

designotree said: your cover photo should be only an image with no text written on it

Fiverr seems to have clarified this confusing rule a little bit since it was first posted.

Their new interpretation seems to *me* to be that your image can SHOW words in the photograph only if they are a natural part of the service or object you selling. So if your gig is editing words, such as designing web banners, or doing graphic layouts for advertising posters and such, it is natural that these include words, so showing them is possibly OK. Others might be a layout for a business card, or a page of a book, or a paper in a typewriter, or a computer screen with language translation happening, etc.

But you CAN'T add *more* words beyond those which would naturally be on the product you are offering. Don't add words which could be seen as advertising your name or describing your service onto that image. SHOW what you are selling in the image, DESCRIBE what you are selling in the title and in the body of the gig.

Of course, this is just an unofficial reading of this by another customer. But with all the various levels of fluency in languages around here, this iffy subject deserve a little more explanation.


Ohhhh they can change the rules at anytime. Then not allow us to access the storefront banner again if they lock us out. My logos have text and are decent samples not some cheesy samples or samples stolen off the internet. Oh that’s right we’re not featured gigs.


I added my cover image to my gig:

I will create an AMAZING whiteboard or digital hand drawn video scribe 4 you in 24hrs for $5

that is attached to this post and it was promptly REMOVED with the message:

"Your Gig’s cover photo doesn’t meet our guidelines.

Hi solidslick,

Our community editors found that a cover photo you’ve added to the gig: “create an AMAZING whiteboard or digital hand drawn video scribe 4 you in 24hrs” does not meet our content guidelines.

Cover photos are a great tool for enhancing buyers’ experience, but only if they are made using the highest quality, composition and color matching. Our community editors and designers only approve Cover Photos that meet those standards.

Common reasons why a Cover Photo may be rejected:

Cover photo is not a banner. Cover photos are meant to help you make your gig page look richer and more compelling.

You must own the copyrights of the uploaded photo. Photo must be taken by you, no stock photography please!

Image quality must be high. Make sure lighting is optimal and that your image is razor sharp.

Do not use the same image as any of your gig photos.

No stock photography please.

Photo subject must be related to your gig.

Image must be full frame, side to side (no white or other flat color backgrounds please).

Do not add text to your photo.

Each cover photo can be used for one Gig only.


The Fiverr Team.

SINCE then there is NOT a "cover image" section in that gig NOR in a new gig whatsoever!

Here is the rub that really pisses me off!

The attached ACTIVE cover image from a TOP RATED and FEATURED gig that I compared mine to and was told by fiver support:
"We really appreciate your help, however these two images were actually approved by our editorial team, as the text presented on them is part of a sample of the service given. It's a shot from the video provided in the gig. The kind of text we don't welcome is the kind that turn the cover photo into an ad/banner."

The ONLY shot from their video is of the "order" button!

Their image and my image are EXACTLY the same context with different content!!!!

How does that make everyone feel?



I’ve only been on Fiverr for a couple months and their already started to frustrate me. I’ve been reading other people’s discussions and it’s clear that Fiverr does an extremely poor job of handling sellers. I’m getting close to switching to another freelance site.


Reply to @b3nj1771: I honestly wouldn’t switch either. There are a lot of sites out ther but very few compete to Fiverr. Just stick with it and have fun. Seriously believe me the other sites out there are parasites only trying to get 1% of Fiverr’s success. If you plan on going anywhere else go to the freelance sites that aren’t gig related. If you feel that highly maybe starting your own website or online business is a really good idea. Craigslist advertising or creating a website works well sometimes. Online websites have very little or no start-up costs. The only investment is the time and the fees to have the site hosted. (unless you have someone create the site for you then it can be a good chunk of change)

b3nj1771 said: I'm getting close to switching to another freelance site.

Why switch? You have already invested time here and gone throught the learing curve. So why not just let the gigs you have already created ride and see it you can develop them a little over time.

This is not at all to say you shouldn't look elsewhere as well. But leaving Fiverr just erases any chance of income or growth for your gigs here, when all it would take to stay here is to answer any e-mails or gig requests they happen to generate.


Reply to @artemist: Very well said. Your responses are captivating.


I am experiencing the same problem… :frowning:

Maybe it would be better creating a webpage and compete instead of giving them a extra coin for nothing…? Just a thought :wink:


Hi Guys

Am also having the same issue, fiverr has sent me two mails recently that my cover photo does not meet their requirement…

but i keep wondering as, am not using any cover photo, i only added some images to my gig galery, and that is what fiverr is using as my cover photo.

Please i don’t get it, what can be wrong



I am also having the same problem…

I am not allowed to put text on the cover photo, and no icons as well. But they need my cover photo to be related to what I am offering. I design logos…

No icon designs, no text… and must be related. I have spent a whole day trying to figure out what to post which will be allowed.


“Do not use the same image as any of your gig photos”

"…approved by our editorial team, as the text presented on them is part of a sample of the service given. It’s a shot from the video provided in the gig.

Just another example of Fiverr’s lack of enforcement of their own policies